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19-09-08, 16:55
I'm looking for Finnish relatives, or relatives that have emigrated to the U.S.

My grandfather was Hjalmar Johannes Ohman, son of Johannes and Mathilda Ohman. Hjalmar emigrated to the U.S. and took the name John, and settled in New Orleans. He was born in 1889 in Nagu, Traskholm, and died in 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I know the names of some of his siblings: Eva, Naema, Sylgene. Also, I'm in touch with a grand-daughter of Naema. Some time back, she tried to respond to a 2004 post on this forum that was looking for Hjalmar, but never heard back.

You can write me in here, or you can email me directly to laura*sgfellowship.org.


19-09-08, 19:11
I have him and quite a lot of his relatives (mainly deceaced) in my database. I myself am a fourth cousin of your father or mother. I am not sure but I might be able to find some address of your nearer relatives.

Harry Smeds

19-09-08, 23:57
Harry, thanks...I also just got your email. Responded to that.

Karen Norwillo
20-09-08, 21:21
I see Nagu is a neighbor to Pargas and there is a Träskby village there. Also, the name Johannes Severin was a very popular male name. I see no Traskholm village in Nagu, or is it a farm name? Unfortunately, neither places have records online in the time we need. Karen

21-09-08, 08:04
Träskholm is an island. It belongs to the village of Nötö, in the southern archipelago of Nauvo (Nagu), near the border Korppoo (Korpo).

https://www.karttapaikka.fi/karttapaikka/default.asp?id=787 is a good place to look for places in Finland.