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23-09-08, 20:27
IŽam interested to know more about Amanda Sten, born aug 24 1878 in Malax, Finland. Emigrated to USA in early 1900, settled in Gardner, Mass.
Amanda was sister to my grandfather Isak Sten.
Was Amanda married in USA, and is there any living ancestors. There might be a chance that I have some unknown 2nd cousines.
IŽam quite new in this field, and I have not access to historical documents in USA.

Karen Norwillo
24-09-08, 18:12
There are several arrivals for an Amanda Sten in early 1900's. One has her as the wife of Edvard Sten from Malax. There are 2 children, Elsa and Walter, ages 4 and <1 on the 1908 arrival in Boston. Says going to Gardner, MA. Says in Gardner before from 1895-1908. Not sure if this is your Amanda as Sten is her married name. I'm attaching the images. Karen

Karen Norwillo
24-09-08, 18:24
Here's another arrival in 1904 for Edward and Johannes Sten going to Gardner. Edward to wife Amanda and Johannes to friend Isak Sten. You'll also see line 10-11-12 are going to Gardner also, to aunt and friend Amanda Sten.
I did find one other arrival for a single Amanda Sten in 1900 going to MI.

Karen Norwillo
24-09-08, 18:29
Here's the manifests. The 1899 for Amanda, she was going to MI. In 1900, it looks like to NY, but it's not clear. I did not attach that one. It was arrival 26 Nov 1900 in NY on Cymric.

24-09-08, 19:40
Hi Karen, many thanks for reply. I`am confused, because there is so many StenŽs in Malax, and quite a few of them settled in Gardner, Mass. as well.
However, I know that Amanda Sten emigrated about year 1900, my grandfather Isak Sten in 1904. He lived on the same adress in Gardner.
It could be possible, that Amanda married Edvard. In that case, she didŽnt have to change her family name :)
I have nothing on Edvard Sten, He is not included (yet) in my tree. Maybe He is from another family in Malax. It is quite difficult to make research on distance only, since the church records are far from completed in HISKI.

Thanks again, have a nice day

/Freddie Sten, ex finlander

Karen Norwillo
24-09-08, 21:07
I found your family on Ancestry in 2 Family Trees.
Amanda Sofia Isaksdotter Sten 24 Aug 1878. Parents; Isak Abrahamsson Sten and Karolina Johanna Andersdotter Backman. Spouse: Wilhelm Edvard Beatasson Sten-Stone, 29 May 1878, died 26 Dec 1908 in Gardner, MA. He must have died shortly after they returned from Finland. Says married 1 Sep 1902 in Gardner, MA. Now there may be some errors on the children. Elsa Stone 1903, Walter Stone, says born Feb 1906 and died 11 Apr 1906, but he shows as an infant on that ships manifest in 1908. Edward Stone Apr 1907, died 4 Sep 1908. I wonder if they got info for Walter and Edward mixed??
Don't know if you have this, but I'll add. Isak and Karolia had 6 children.
Wendla Karolina 1872-1929, Johanna 1876, Amanda Sofia 1878, Viktor Emil 1880, Isak Edvard 1883-1961, Ulrika Matilda 1885-1886.
So it looks like that manifest for Edvard and Amanda is your family. I'll check to see what I can find under Stone.

24-09-08, 21:15
To Karen,

I have found Edvard Sten on ancestry.com, and He fits quite well in my tree.
Edvard and Amanda married in Gardner 1 sept 1902. They are (almost) 2nd cousins. Amandas grandparents is Abraham Sten / 1:st wife Caisa Sofia Rusk. Edvards grandparents is the same Abraham Sten and his 2:nd wife, Johanna Mattsdotter Dala.

Edvard died in Gardner 26 dec 1908. They had 3 childrens,

Elsa Stone 1903 -
Walter 1906 - 1906
Edward 1907 - 1908

I donŽt know if Amanda remarried.

Kanske nćgon av Er närmare Malax kan verifiera detta, tack.


24-09-08, 21:26
Hi Karen
thanks for your message. We must have been searching on ancestry at the same time. :D Yes, YouŽre right, I have my family tree on ancestry.com, but I could not place Edvard before. I also have a relative in Muskegon, Mich., and she also working on Sten - Berg family.
I was confused, could Amanda marry her cousin ?? Well, obviously she did.

Thanks for Your help. Now I have to search for Elsa Stone.

Bye for now