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25-09-08, 15:49
Hi All,
thanks for the opportunity of joining the site.

Genealoqy has been my on-and-off hobby for several years, but not too seriously, I’m afraid. My inspiration is the chronicle my uncle Leo A Pesonen wrote of Pesonen ancestry in Evijärvi. The earliest known member is Juho Ollinpoika Pesonen, originally from Savo, who arrived in Evijärvi around the year 1500. My great grandfather Anders Tuomaanpoika Pesonen (6th of August 1850) left Evijärvi in 1873 for Helsinki area, where the family has ever since been living.

My grandmother is from Ul Pyhäjärvi, Karkkila/Högfors, born Tolander (Tulander). I do have some information on that family, too.

My married name Pöri originates in Finnish Karelia. Also Pöri and related family data is in my data base reaching back to Staphan Jöransson Pöri, born 1712. His grandfather was probably born in Sweden.

There is a ‘lost’ relative, though:

My great uncle Johan Edvard Pesonen, b. 16th of August.1883 in Helsingin pitäjä worked as a seaman part of the year 1902. But then he sailed on the 25th of December 1902 from Hanko to Liverpool on Acturus. From there he continued on Cunard Line Ivernia, which docked in New York on the 12th of January 1903. He travelled with Henrik Viktor Pesonen b. 1881 and Karl Johan Pesonen b. 1884, both from Munsala. Their contact person is Henrik’s uncle (?) Jakob Hindriksen/son from Shelton, Mason, 60, Washington. My grandfather Anders Alarik Pesonen b. 22nd of February 1878, followed three months later, but came back after having worked only two-three years in Detroit. Also Johan Edvard came back after a while and resumed seaman life. Any information on these guys?

Johan Edvard disappears around 1909. I just wonder, would it be possible that he’d left for America again.

I am looking forward to a happy association with Finlander.

Liisa Pöri

June Pelo
25-09-08, 22:07
Hello Liisa,

Welcome to Finlander. I tried to find anything about Pesonen and found a Karl Johan, b. 1884 in Pensala. There was no more info. about him, but he had a brother Jakob Daniel Johansson Pesonen-Johnson, b. 25 Oct 1877, Pensala, d. 29 Jan 1955 in Mount Vernon, Washington. I think that would be Washington State and not Washington, D.C. Jakob married 1904 in Oravais to Johanna Sofia Mattsdotter Pensar and they had 2 sons. This information was in the database of Finlander member Henrik Mangs.

I didn't find any record of Johan Edward Pesonen nor Henrik Viktor Pesonen. If you think Jakob was related to Karl Johan, perhaps you could check records in Washington state for Johan Edward. It's possible he dropped the Pesonen name and used his patronymic of Johansson or Johnson - if his father's name was Johan.