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04-09-03, 03:23
My name is Kevin Paavola and I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I was born in raised in the upper peninsula of Michgan but have been away for over 20 years. My mother’s grandparents and father’s parents emigrated from Finland in the late 1880s and early 1900s. They primarily were from Kaustinen, Kälviä, & Liminka. If you’re linked to Caino-Torp, Sursill or Strang families then we’re probably related. I’ve also learned that I am related to many people on the Finlander and Finngen lists.

If you’re new to the list, or new to genealogy, I encourage you to actively post messages. The subscribers are very generous in offering their help.

If there is anyone researching Liminka ancestors, let me know as I have accumulated some data on families there. It has also proven to be the most challenging of branches to research and I could use the help if there are any “experts” out there! I haven't found many people researching this area.

This year I’ve been focusing on my wife’s genealogy and learned of a Swedish ancestor of hers that I’m sure will be interesting to trace.