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27-09-08, 08:54
Looking for Fanny Emilia Kronström born 8 jan 1882 in Kronoby Finland.
She emigrate to US 29 aug 1904.

At DATABASE of IMMIGRANTS from Ostrobothnia, she died 3 sep 1941 and her surname was Nygrann.


June Pelo
27-09-08, 16:46
That database lists Fanny Emilia 3 times: once as Kronström, then as Kronström-Jonsson, and then as Nygrann. Perhaps she married Jonsson first and then remarried to Nygrann. There is a Herman Johansson Nygrann, 1882-1920, listed below her name - maybe her husband? There were also a lot of other Kronström names listed - all from Kronoby. Fanny Emilia's patronymic was Johansdotter. There was a Johan Johansson, 1887-1915, and a Jakob Johansson, 1855- on the list. Maybe they were related to her - all were from Kronoby. There's no indication where they went in the US.

Karen Norwillo
27-09-08, 20:35
Here's your Fanny in Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake, Utah in 1920 and 1930. I also found her on the Utah State Death Index. Fanny Kronstrom Johnson died 9 Sep 1941 at age 59 in Salt Lake county, Utah. You'll see her in 1920 with husband and daughters and in 1930 as a widow with daughter Ruth 18. State file # 1941003135 for her death record. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-09-08, 21:05
Here's the 1910 census, Fanny's 1904 arrival and Herman's WWI Draft Reg.
Herman Johnson died 1 Mar 1920 at age 39 in Salt Lake county, Utah. He must have died right after the 1920 census. State file # 1920001631. You'll notice in 1910, there is a boarder named Adolph Kronstrom living with them.
I found one Emil Nygrann going to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1900, but Fanny died as Johnson and the first Johnson child in 1910 is 4 and Fanny and Herman both say married once for 5 years. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-09-08, 21:07
Sorry, forgot the 1904 manifest. You'll see she's going to Bingham,Utah to friend Herman Johnson.

Karen Norwillo
27-09-08, 21:40
According to Family Search of the LDS site, Fanny Kronstrom married Herman Johnson on 3 July 1905 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is a copy of Fanny Johnson's Utah Death Certifcate from Family Search labs, Utah deaths. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-09-08, 21:53
If you notice a few lines above Fanny in 1930 census is Alfred and Yerda Ablett. Alfred J Ablett must have been the AJ Ablett who was the informant on Fanny death certificate. SSDI Yerda Ablett born 9 Jan 1906 and died Nov 1979 Bingham Canyon, UT.

June Pelo
28-09-08, 00:43
Karen, a nice piece of research! :)

28-09-08, 12:36
Thank you Karen for all help you have done, when I was sleeping.

Adolf in census 1910 was not anyone I am looking for right now, maybe later.

Next question.
Fanny had a second cousin Anders William Andersson Sandström born 4 Nov 1881 also in Kronoby Finland. He emigrated to US 28 Apr 1899.

I have got some information that he was married to Agata Matilda and lived in Utah, Salt Lake.

Thanks, Maja

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 15:37
For completeness, Alfred J Ablett was born 9 Sep 1903 and died 21 May 1964 in Salt Lake, Utah. LDS has their marriage abt 1926 in Salt Lake.

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 15:43
Here is Anders (Andrew) Sandström's Naturalization from WA. It has everything you seek on it, wife, children, marriage date AND a photo. Not a good photo, very dark. This was 1934.

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 16:10
Here is the 1900-1920-1930 census for Andrew. 1900 has his birth year off by 1 year. Andrew died 13 Dec 1965 in Seattle, King, WA, WA Death Index and SSDI. I do not find Agata or Matilda's death yet.

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 16:11
Here's his WWI Draft Reg.

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 16:23
I found one child on the WA Death Index that might be Andrew and Matilda's. Andrew Waldemar Sandstrom died 18 Nov 1912 in Seattle, King, WA at age 2 years, 1 month and 5 days. They just have 1910 as DOB. Parents Andrew W Sandstrom and Matilda Sundius.

Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 16:45
Alice W Sandstrom born 6 Jan 1914 died 3 Mar 2008 in Seattle, King, WA.
Gladys M Rotermund born 21 Dec 1915 died 24 Feb 1997 in Woodinville, King, WA. I got both from the SSDI by entering their birthdays and just the first and middle names, no last names. Looks like Alice never married. Still can't find Matilda.

28-09-08, 17:56
Thanks again Karen.

I check for Herman, he must been born in this area, because Fanny traveled to a friend. I found one possible Herman in Karleby, but i have to check with church books.

In census 1930 I found above Fanny, her daughter Elva and her husband John Green.

Fanny had an younger brother Johan Adolf Johansson Kronström born 22 May 1887 in Kronoby Finland, died 30 Oct 1932 in USA. At DATABASE of IMMIGRANTS from Ostrobothnia he died 30 Oct 1915.


June Pelo
28-09-08, 20:01
In Hiski, Kronoby, there are two boys named Herman born 1880:
28.10.1880 to Johan Johansson Nygrann/Broända.
21.11.1880 to Byskata

In the moving out records:
Johan Johansson Nygrann/Broända moved to Gamlakarleby 23 Dec 1880 with wife and son Herman.

Could possibly be a connection there. In the list of Emigrants, Herman Johansson Nygrann, b. 1880, Kronoby, died 1 Mar 1920 in America, age 39, of heart problems. He could have changed his name from Nygrann to his patronymic Johansson/Johnson.

The same list shows widow Fanny Emilia Nygrann, b. 1882, Kronoby, d. 3 Sep 1941 in America of lung inflammation. The Kronoby Emigrant list was compiled in 1989 by Frans Lillsunde.

28-09-08, 20:19
I have same source, one of them told he was born in Karleby. I believe also he is born in Kronoby. I want to check by myself in churchbooks.


Karen Norwillo
28-09-08, 22:51
So it looks like Herman Johnson and Herman Nygrann are the same person. Date of death matches. I hadn't noticed Elva and her husband just above Fanny and Ruth in 1930 until now.
By the way, the only Matilda Sundius I found was her ships manifest for 13 Sep 1902 going to friend A. Erikson in Gladstone, MI. If that 1912 birth was for your Andrew and Matilda. I'll check it out further. Karen

04-10-08, 07:05
For your information, source Kronoby and Karleby church books
Herman Johansson was born 28 Oct 1880 in Kronoby

Father: Johan Johansson Nygrann born 26 may 1856 in Karleby
Mother: Maria Jacobsdotter Broända born 10 July 1858 in Kronoby

Brother: Johan Emil born 16 Aug 1879 in Kronoby
Brother: Anders Wilhelm born 8 Dec in Karleby

Father Johan moved to Kronoby 24 Aug 1879.
The family moved 23 Dec 1880 to Karleby, Qvikant, Nygrann.
The family moved to America 1882 (I believe they not moved or only Johan moved)

Johan Emil Nygrann live in Broända farm, foster son, he came 1899 and moved to America 3.3.1900.

At Institute of Migration:
Johan Emil Nygrann passport date 14.3.1900 from Kronoby, to North America, leave parents.
Anders Wilhelm Nygrann passport date 10.9.1902 from Kronoby, to America.
Herman Nygrann passport date 17.10.1902 from Kronoby to Sweden.

At Ellis Island:
Herman arrived 9 Nov 1902, to brother Emil Nygrann in Bringham, first time in Usa.

Thanks for all helps, Maja

12-12-13, 22:24
Agata Matilda Sundius (b. April 4, 1874 in Munsala, Finland) was the sister of my grandmother
Anna Karolina Sundius (b. Oct 2, 1869), and the daughter of Jakob Vilhelm Andersson Skrifvars
and Vilhelmina Rönnholm. For details see "Lagman Christian Sundius i Munsala" by Wold. Backman
(it is available on the net). Thank you for all the information about Andrew Sandstrom.

I visited Wally Rotermund, the son of Gladys Sandstrom, and Alice Sandstrom in 1982.

Best regards, Tom Sundius

16-12-13, 18:51
Tom, thanks for your information. I still research about this family history.