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28-09-08, 22:12

Can anyone please help me with the bolded Finnish portion of the two sentences below?

This is a statement about my direct paternal 10th Great-Grandfather:


Yrjö Luukkaanpoika KONTTI: born about 1590 (?); farmer in Jämijärvi, Kontti # 2 1614 – 1645 (SAY)*

Jöran Lucasson eli Yrjö Luukkaanpoika Kontti ja Brita -vaimonsa mainitaan 1645 viimeisen kerran Jämijärven Kontissa. Muutti Jämijärveltä pysyvästi Karvialle, saatuaan kenraalikuvernööri Pietari Brahelta luvan perustaa kestikievarin Pohjankankaan tien varteen, Karvian eli Kyrön Skanssin luokse ( Suomen ja Pohjanmaan rajalle ).

I can read most of it, and see that Per Brahe had given permission for a tradesman's guest inn, but would appreciate a full translation.

Thank you very much.


29-09-08, 14:35
Hi Ilmari,
As your relative (I´m also descended from this couple) I feel obliged to translate this for you :)

Jöran Lucasson aka Yrjö Luukkaanpoika Kontti and his wife Brita are mentioned for the last time in Kontti in Jämijärvi 1645. He moved from Jämijärvi to live permanently in Karvia, after getting permission from general governor Pietari Brahe to found an inn by the Pohjankangas road, in Karvia or Kyrön Skanssi ( on the border of Finland and Ostrobothnia)

In case you don´t know this, Pohjankangas road was the most important route from Southern and Western Finland to Ostrobothnia. Kyrön skanssi was a military camp in Karvia.


01-10-08, 00:20

Kiitos paljon.:D

Maybe someday we can meet and take a drive to either Karvia, or the original place at Kontti.

Regards -