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17-11-03, 14:53
Is there a place called Daggert in Michigan? There were two sisters from Munsmo, Solf who went to live in Daggert, according to Gunnar Rosenholm in Solf Sockens Historia. They married farmers who were immigrants from Sweden, but I have not found the names of their husbands anywhere.
Brita Gustavsdotter Hellman, born Febr. 19, 1849, left in 1887 and
Maria Sofia Gustafsdotter Hellman, born Aug. 4, 1866, left in 1891.
Their brother John Gustafsson Hellman, born June 21, 1850, died in America March 7, 1931 (acc. to Gunnar Rosenholm). He was ”sjökapten på ett fartyg som gick i kusttrafik i Nordamerika”. He was married and had a fosterson Frans Hugo born Dec. 12, 1879, but there is no further information about Frans Hugo in our church records.
There was also a sister Henrika who was married, lived in Vikby, Korsholm and had four children who died at the age of 65-90 years, but they were not married and had no children, so there is nobody to ask here any more about this family.
Does anybody know anything about Daggert?
Ulla Höglund

17-11-03, 18:20
there is a town called Dagget just south of Escanaba, inland from the Lake, and about halfway between Escanaba and the Illinois border. This might be the place.

18-11-03, 04:59
The BETHESDA LUTHERAN CHURCH and the SWEDISH BAPTIST CHURCH both were founded in 1883 in Daggett which had about 274 ppl in 1990. I will look at the Swensonmicrofilms of these churches and see if somebody shows up for you.
Small correction to Syrene's post above. There is the matter of the state of Wisconsin coming between the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Illinois so I think Syrene will have to answer to the citizens of that fine state for her oversight:)
Chuck Mäki

18-11-03, 07:13
You're right, Chuck! I often miss the yoopper spot when looking at a narrow map. Sorry!

19-11-03, 00:22
Hi Ulla,
I was going down to Swenson today so added Daggett. After all, what yooper born guy could resist visiting that little place?
Unfortunately, nobody named Hellman or Hugo found at either of the two churches so if they joined at all, it was probably one with closer Finnish links.

20-11-03, 15:59
I guessed it would be difficult to find anything about the sisters Hellman. I must try to find information about the names of their husbands. So far I have not bees successful in that.
Thank you anyhow for your efforts.

05-12-03, 12:20
I recently got Legacy 5.0 Deluxe, and it has a geographical database. When i searched for (starts with) Dagge in the USA, I found these places:

Dagger, Gila, Arizona, USA
Daggers Springs, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
Daggett, Carroll, Illinois, USA
Daggett, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Daggett, Owen, Indiana, USA
Daggett, San Bernardino, California, USA
Daggett, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA
Daggett, Woodruff, Arkansas, USA
Daggetts Ford, Osage, Missouri, USA

Name, County, State, Country

Is it any of these?


06-12-03, 10:16
The Hellman sisters lived in Daggett in Michigan. I have not yet found the names of their husbands (immigrants from Sweden) but I must have a closer look in the church records in Solf to see if there is any notice about their names.

06-03-04, 01:57
Hi Ulla,

I found these two possibilites on the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in 1910 US Federal Census.

HELLMAN John age 57 b. Fin Worcester 3-wd Fitchburg 628 2 5 B MA
HELLMAN Hugo age 33 Fin Philadelphia, 15-WD Philadelphia 1391 1 210 B PA

Hoping these are yours.


Karen Douglas
06-03-04, 20:21
This information comes from the historian at the First Lutheran Church in Dollar Bay, Michigan:

Johan Israel Hellman, born 11 Nov 1871 in Solf, Finland, married Edla Maria Nye, 21 Oct., 1893 in Hancock, MI. Johan came to the United States in 1890. Edla Maria was born 22 Dec, 1872 in Mustasaari, Finland and came to the United States in 1892. She died in childbirth on 3 Feb. 1908. They had five children.

1) Johan Severin Hellman, born 4 Aug 1894 in Dollar Bay, Mi, baptized by Rev. J. Olander on 26 Aug 1894.
2) Emil, born 25 May 1899 in Dollar Bay, Mi and baptized by Rev. J. Back on 18 June 1899.
3) Nestor, born 18 Jan 1907 in Dollar Bay, and baptized by Rev. J. Olander on 12 Feb. 1907.
4) Edward Harold, born 2 Feb 1906.
5) Anders Johannes, born 3 Feb 1908, died 3 Feb 1908.

Interestingly, the home that Johan and Edla lived in - on Granite Avenue - is still occupied. It is just a few doors away from the house that my grandparents lived in from 1895-1910. That area was called "Swedetown."

Johan Severin (child #1), and his wife, Matilda, had four children. They were very good friends of my parents. Two daughters are still living and reside in California.

Karen Douglas

06-03-04, 21:37
http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?pan=e&ovi=1&mapdata=RwuiQHYj5qnjR6a5uT8txsKgjW1ZYnDwwjKDReFT%2 bMsDUp0YvPK6Qa5d006vX45YKyBGkhK%2fwXkdEfi8FKaEfGBJ mLK3D08ahAGOKini1As3R8DfhHBPKJ0izbVOPpYlAflKwqZ6%2 f7REn2mKdfz9xTRkgG99gqJCXYmxzZPE4RTRePFv2zw%2b5YVw TxmUINNwrrnfGwf%2fJ%2fcwzgI5QTQok342MTPrXpFW7RwCfY PiDPcWd3H1ES18VJJsfjdBS%2blA

Hi Karen,
It's nice to see the name Dollar Bay here on sfhs!
My son used to live on Woodside Rd as it is currently named. I don't see Granite Av so maybe it was what is now M26, the highway.
This is a surprise that mapquest has a map of this little village.
Swenson has records for a church named Faith Lutheran. I wonder if that is your old First Lutheran? Or vice-versa. Maybe Dollar Bay had 2 Lutheran churches?
I checked my Finnish list that I got from the gen soc in Finland and it listed a Swede-Finn church, Lutherska församlingen i Dollar Bay but no exact name beyond that.

07-03-04, 11:37
Jeanette and Karen,
Thank you for your replies to my Hellman searching.
I have got the addresses of and have written to three members of the Malmstrom family and hope that they also can help me to find others.
Karen, very interesting to learn about Johan Israel Hellman and his family. I did not know anything about his marriage and family in Dollar Bay. He is not one of the Hellmans I was looking for now, but very interesting nevertheless. He was a cousin of Midge Water’s grandmother! And as to his wife Edla Maria Nye, judging from the name, I would guess she was born in Karkmo (a village in Mustasaari/Korsholm) but I will check that as soon as I get an opportunity.
Ulla Höglund

Karen Douglas
08-03-04, 00:35
Hi Ulla,
It appears your John Gustafsson Hellman was about 20 years older than Johan Israel Hellman. However, since they are both from Solf, I wonder if they could be cousins? I will do some checking and see if I can find out anything more from Johan Israel's granddaughters.


09-03-04, 17:34
Hi Karen,
I am grateful for information about any Hellman born in Korsholm (Mustasaari) or Solf.
My genealogy includes 36 Johan Hellman, 18 Carl Hellman, 11 Anders Hellman etc. Many of those died young, of course, but there is still a ”large assortment” and a good chance to find a matching Hellman.
Families here had a special liking for certain names, and you will find cousins, second cousins, uncles, grandparents etc bearing the same Christian name, sometimes they may be about the same age, and that’s why the patronymikons are so important.

10-03-04, 00:44
Swenson had it as Faith but it is now corrected to First Lutheran on their listing.
Everything else is as you said so I still wonder where Granite Avenue is:)


Karen Douglas
10-03-04, 02:30
Hi Chuck,

Initially, when the town of Dollar Bay (or Village of Clark) was platted out, some of the streets were named "Avenue C, Avenue D, Avenue E," etc.

Sometime, shortly before August 2000, the names of the streets were changed. They now use "Cedar Avenue for Avenue "C," Dogwood Avenue for Avenue "D," Elm Avenue for Avenue "E," and so on. Perhaps they thought it was better for each street to have an actual name, as opposed to a letter. I don't know, but I'll check on it, and let you know what I find out. :)

I should add there is also a Hellman Street in Dollar Bay. I'll see what I can find out about that, too.

Incidentally, this lovely, quaint, little community has really grown in the past 10-15 years. Big, beautiful, expensive, year-round homes are being built all around Portage Lake. When I was visiting there about 3 years ago some of the oldtimers told me that their taxes have really gone sky-high. :(


14-03-04, 11:14
Hi Ulla,

Could this Gustaf Helman in the 1880 census be your
missing John Gust. Hellman in San Francisco?The age is two years out but perhaps?
URL for Family Search page follows Hellman b. Finland

Other Information:
Birth Year <1852>
Birthplace FINLAND
Age 28
Occupation Cook Ships
Marital Status S <Single>
Race W <White>
Head of Household Gustavus BONN
Relation Other
Father's Birthplace FINLAND
Mother's Birthplace FINLAND
Source Information:
Census Place San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Family History Library Film 1254074
NA Film Number T9-0074
Page Number 25C

The household page shows a number of other seaman also born in Finland.


14-03-04, 19:21
Hi Karen,
I have found the following information about
Edla Maria Nye (in Finland Ny): born in Karkmo, Korsholm (Mustasaari) 22 Dec. 1871 (not 1872) and her husband Johan Israel Hellman born 11 Nov. 1870 (not 1871). I have checked their birth dates both in ”födda-boken” and in ”kommunionboken”, but why did they both lose one year of age after having crossed the Atlantic?
Edla Maria’s father was
Carl Mickelsson Ny born 20 Oct. 1844 in Korsnäs (to USA in 1881), whose father Mickel Mickelsson Örgren was born 28 Nov. 1814 in Korsnäs, died 14 June 1866 in Karkmo, where he lived at Ny hemman No 5 and therefore used the family name Ny.
Edla Maria’s mother was
Karolina Johan-Andersdotter Berg, born 20 Aug. 1844 in Toby, Korsholm.
Edla Maria had several sisters and brothers.
If you are interested in more information about the family Örgren/Korsnäs I suggest that you try at our Ostrobothnian discussion forum www.qnet.fi/westside/discus/

Karen Douglas
14-03-04, 20:43
Hi Ulla,

Thanks for reminding me about the Ostrobothnian Discussion Forum.:)
I just spent a half-hour at the site, but need to go back and spend a lot more time there!

Thanks, too, for the names and dates you sent. I plan to file those away for further research
as I think we may share a link or two.:)