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06-10-08, 08:08
My gr-grandfather Anders Johan ANDERSSON (aka Andrew Anderson in U.S.) was born 1 Aug 1843. Last spring I found his birth record using the HisKi Project.
Jomala Christened - event number: 6199
Born 1.8.1843 / Farm [blank]
Village Gottby / Farm [blank]
Father Skom / Anders / [blank] / Backman / [blank]
Mother [blank] / Brita / Carlsdtr / [blank] / 43
Child: Anders Johan
Own comment: [blank]
Original comment: SP: M MUNIC: Jomala

Then I searched HisKi for siblings of my gr-grandfather and found
1- Christening Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Anders born: 19.9.1832 village: Ödanböle 2 father: Bonde Anders Hansson mother: Brita Carlsdtr 35
Burial Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Died - 7.1.1833; village - Ödanböle; Deceased Bonde; Anders; Cause of death - Ok b sj (?); 11 months; Relative - Anders Hansson; MUNIC: Jomala; STAT: Barn; SP: M
Note: comparing the death record to the birth record, age comes to not quite 4 months; perhaps a skinny eight was read as a 1 for the month of death
2- Christening Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Anna Greta born: 5.11.1833 village: Ödanböle father:Forr Bonde Anders Hansson mother: Brita Carlsdtr 36
Burial Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Died - 25.10.1834; village - Gottby; Deceased Skom; Anna Greta; Cause of death - Ok b sj (?); 11 months; Relative - Anders Hansson; MUNIC: Jomala; STAT: Barn; SP: F
Note: comparing the death record to the birth record, age comes to 11 months 2 weeks 6 days
3- Christening Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Johan born: 18.8.1836; village: Gottby; father: Skom Anders Hansson Backman; mother: Brita Carlsdtr 39.
Note: Skom means shoe-maker; cobbler.
Burial Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Skom; Johan died: 13.10.1836; village: Gottby; cause: Andtappa (shortness of breath); age: 7 wks.; original: Jomala [MUNIC]; Barn [STAT]; M [SP]; relative: Anders Hansson Backman.
4- Christening Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland show: Carl Eric born:12.2.1838 village: Gottby; father: Skom Anders Backman; mother: Brita Carlsdtr 41. Note: Skom means shoe-maker; cobbler.
5- My gr-grandfather – Anders Johan (info at beginning of post)
6- Christening Records for Jomala, Åland, Finland show: August born: 18.8.1848; village: Gottby; father: Skom Anders Backman; mother: Brita Carlsdtr 43. Note: Skom means shoe-maker; cobbler; perhaps the 3 of 43 was a poorly written 8 and age of Brita Carlsdtr is 48
Then I found their parents’ marriage info from HisKi:
Marriage Records for Jomala, Åland, Finland show: married: 9.6.1832; village: Ödanböle; man: Bonde Anders Hansson; wife: Piga Brita Carlsdtr; village: Godtby

Now I have thoughts and questions. These are people I do not know, but I wish I did. My heart aches as the dates tell me that this couple lost their first 3 babies. What was life like for this family in the Åland Islands from 1830-1890?
The dates and locations seem to indicate that the family moved from Ödanböle to Gottby around 1834. I notice that Anders Hansson Backman’s occupation changes from Bonde (farmer) to Forr Bonde (?) to Skom (shoe maker; cobbler). Did the family move because of the change of occupation?
Do the villages of Gottby and Ödanböle exist today?
Is their an explanation for the surname Backman being added in 1836?
Did Carl Eric and August stay in Finland or did they, too, emigrate as their brother Anders Johan and his family?
Anders Johan married Erika Mathilda Johansdtr 11 Jan 1872 when he was almost 30 years old. Erika was almost 25 years. Erika is the youngest child of 13 born to Johan Eric Snellman and Margaretha Christina Mattsdtr. According to the marriage record from HisKi Anders Johan was a crofter/ cottager. I do not know what that occupation means.

Source:HisKi Project Marriage Records for Jomala, Åland Islands, Finland
Married: 11.1.1872
Man Village: Godtby 15 / Farm [blank]
Name Torpareson / Anders Johan / Andersson / [blank] / [blank]
Wife Village: Ödanböle / Farm [blank]
Name Piga / Erika Mathilda / Johansdtr / [blank] / [blank]
Original comment MUNIC: Jomala BMUNIC: Jomala

Anders Johan and Erika Mathilda had a family of 10 children (2 died in infancy) when they decided to leave Finland and come to the United States in 1889 and 1890. I am still looking for their emigration and immigration information as all I have are the years from U.S. census records.
I have records of their posterity which numbers 320 that I will gladly share.
I'm eager to move back another generation, but I also want to learn and know more about this generation in Finland.
Charlotte Kibbie

Ingemar Ekman
06-10-08, 18:50
Hi Charlotte,
We had some contacts in Febraury and also for 10 years ago regarding Snellman relatives At that time I talked to the vicar Snellman and he gave an address to an relative in USA. Unfortunately the vicar died last summer.
The villages Gottby and Ödanböle exist also today
An English information about Jomala See
At that page you will also find a map of Jomala if you to "home page to the right and then to "karta" = map.
Talk more later,

06-10-08, 20:58
Yes, yes, I remember your kindness in helping me gather Snellman information. Now this is in regards to my gr-grandfather who married into that Snellman line.
Thank you for the Jomala info and I'll take a look at the map. The one I found on Google showed the parish towns of the Aland Islands, but no villages. I don't know why I didn't think of Wikipedia. Senior moment!
I'm sorry to hear of Vicar Snellman passing away.
Waiting to hear from you again.
Char Kibbie

Ingemar Ekman
07-10-08, 17:59
Hi Char,
I noticed a better map at the end of the Wikipedia page = " map of Jomala municipality". Ödanböle is located between Gottby and Västansunda.
In December/January I plan to spend some days at the archive in Mariehamn and will take some photos of the different church records and other records regarding your family, but I hope you will get replies before that from other Finlander members.
Best regards,

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 18:16
I've noticed you have two posts covering the same family. Might I suggest you consolidate to avoid confusion for others trying to help you. Karen

08-10-08, 02:18

I did not combine the queries intentionally because even though it's the same line it involves 2 families (2 generations).
First family:
Anders Hansson Backman (b. 30 June 1808, son of Hans Hansson and Greta Jansdtr at Gotby, Jomala, Aland Islands) & Brita Carlsdtr.
Right now I do not know for sure Brita Carlsdtr's parentage. I made an assumption years ago that she was the Brita Carlsdtr b. 6 Sept 1805 to Carl Matsson and Anna Persdtr. Now I cannot find the evidence which supports that connection. Children of Anders Hansson Backman and Brita Carlsdtr:
1- Anders (1832-1833)
2- Greta Anna (1833-1834)
3- Johan (1836-1836)
4- Carl Eric (1838- )
5- Anders Johan (1843- )
6- August (1848-)
I was wondering what life would have been like mid 1800s on the Aland Islans. Carl was the oldest son, which contributes to the emigration of Anders Johan. What about August? And who are the parents of the mother, Brita Carlsdtr?

Second family:
Anders Johan Andersson (ch 5 above) & Erika Mathilda Johansdotter Snellman
Their children:
1- Alma Erika (1872, Finland-1941, Minnesota) my paternal grandmother
2- Olivia Mathilda ( 1873-1874, Godtby, Finland)
3- John (1874, Finland-after 1913, Minnesota)
4- Elia Alarik [aka Elias] (1875, Finland -?) Came to U.S. Oct. 1890.
5- Frank Emil [aka Frank Elmer] (1876, Finland-1933, Minnesota)
6- Andrew Conrad (1879, Finland-1946, Minnesota)
7- Edla Mathilda [aka Edna Jeanette] (1881, Finland-1965, Minnesota)
8- Fredolph (1883, Finland- 1944, Minnesota)
9- August Werner (1885-1887, Gottby, Finland)
10- Lydia (1886, Finland-1966, Minnesota)
11- Segrid Elizabeth (1893, Michigan-1940, Minnesota)
12- Ed (?-?) My father insisted he had an Uncle Ed on his mother's side, but I have not been able to find any information. Dad's sister my Aunt Sig agreed.
!Source: a letter from Sigrid Nisen ABBANAT to her niece Charlotte Nisen KIBBIE dated 4-1985. "Uncle Ed was not married. During the time of the gold-run in the Klondike Area he decided to venture out and try to strike it rich. My mother told me when I was very young that her brother Ed never returned home again. The Anderson family had not heard from him after many months, so Uncle Frank Anderson then traveled to Alaska to hunt him up. He was told by people living in that location that Uncle Ed was found dead and it appeared like a murder; his living quarters were ransacked. During those early days, it took many weeks to travel to Alaska, so he was buried there, long before Uncle Frank arrived." Another family mystery! I have no clue where in the birth order he fits in.
For this second family I'm am primarily searching for emmigration/immigration information as I have been researching in the US and have found 320 descendants.

Sorry, to have caused any confusion. I was really trying to be clear in my requests.

Ingemar Ekman
13-11-08, 18:47
Hi Charlotte,
Lawrence Jansson in Jomala has been to The Provincial Archives of Åland in Mariehamn and found some information.
He plan to go there again and continue to find more about your ancestors.
Brita Carlsdotter´s parents were
father Carl Mattsson born 1769-11-28 in Gottby Jomala died 1818-01-03 in Gottby
married 1804-06-02 to
mother Anna Pehrsdtr born 1776-12-29 in Djurvik Jomala died 1857-02-02 in Gottby 3 (at the marriage 1804 Carl recorded as farm hand and Anna (boatswain´s daughter)
Their children:
Anna b 1803-09-11 in Gottby 17 (born prior marriage, father unknown)
Brita b 1805-09-06 in Gottby Died 1867-10-14 in Gottby
Carl Eric b 1808-07-13 in Gottby died 1808-09-09 in Gottby
Carl Eric b 1810-04-07 in Gottby died 1811-09-28 in Gottby
Greta Stina b 1813-08-13i n Gottby
Carl b 1817-03-17 Gottby
regarding Brita Carlsdotter and Anders Hansson Backman´s
two sons (Carl Eric and August):
Carl Eric Andersson b 1838-02-12 in Gottby 15 died 1868-09-28 drowned
married 1860-04-14 to
Johanna Mathilda Johansdtr b 1837-12-18 Postad 5 Hammarland died 1891-10-26 Gottby 8 Jakos
their children:
Ida Mathilda b 1859-01-13 (born prior marriage, father unknown)
Erik Alfons b 1863-07-07 in Gottby 8 Jakos
Erika Josefina b1866-03-17 Gottby 8 Jakos
August Andersson b 1848-08-18 Gottby 15 died 1908-09-24 Gottby 8 (recorded as mate 1908)
married 1879-06-09 in Hammarland to
Edla Sofia Johansdtr b 1851-04-28 in Näfsby 6 Hammarland died 1925-08-26 Gottby 8
Their children
August Alarik b 1880-03-09 Gottby 8
Linda Sofia b 1882-10-26 Gottby 8 died 1924-09-30 Gottby 8
Karl Julius b 1885-07-03 Gottby 8
Edla Selina b 1887-09-05 Gottby 8
Lawrence sent also information about Anders Hansson Backman´s parents and siblings:
Hans Hansson b 1772-05-02 in Gottby died 1846-11-24 Gottby
married 1799-11-19 to
Greta Jansdtr b 1768-03-05 in Sviby d 1808-12-26 Gottby
their children:
Anna b 1800-12-12 in Gottby d 1810-10-31 Gottby
Greta b 1802-01-19 Gottby
Hans b 1803-09-26 Gottby d 1804-02-21 Gottby
Johan b 1804-03-06 Gottby d 1810-10-26 Gottby
Hans b 1806-06-30 Gottby d 1810-11-02 Gottby
Anders b 1808-06-30 Gottby d 1874-05-26 Gottby
The 3 children died 1810 by "rödsot.d"

I have also sent the Swedish version of Lawrence mail direct to you.

Best regards,

Ingemar Ekman
20-11-10, 17:11
Hi Charlotte,
I was informed by Heikki Honkanen a few days ago that the mother Anna Persdotter was not born 29 Dec 1776. The correct birthdate should be 30 March 1776.
Please find enclosed picture of the marriage record 2 June 1804 between the farm hand Carl Mattsson and Anna Pehrsdotter showing that her parents were the deceased Båtsman Pet. Godtman and Brita Jansdtr.
I am also enclosing a picture from the birth record March 1776 and communion book 1780-1785p102 and 1786-1791p102
It stated that Petter has died but no date. He attended the holy communion last time 18 Jan 1789. I do not find him in the death records.
All pictures are from Jomala and coming from ArkivDigital.
Thank you Heikki for your correction.
Best regards,