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June Pelo
06-10-08, 17:07
I am helping someone find her grandmother Hilda Lovisa Tuuf, b. 17 Apr 1878, Malax, d. 21 Aug 1919. She married Johan Alfred Mickelsson Möller, b. 1880 in Kronoby. Johan moved from Kronoby to Esse Baptist Church in 1903. They had a daughter Hildur Amalia, b. 1904, Kållby. I haven't been able to find Hildur's birth record in Pedersöre. And I haven't found a marriage record for Hilda and Johan. Does anyone have information about any of these people?

Hasse Andtbacka
06-10-08, 18:55
Johan Alfred Möller worked as a police in Karleby. His son from a second marriage, Michael Möller, lives still in Karleby.
I can ask Michael questions, or his daughter Sari who is my good friend.

Hasse A

June Pelo
06-10-08, 20:17

Yes, Johan Alfred was a policeman in Karleby. When his wife Hilda died, he remarried to Elisabet Wirkkala from Kaustby. I have not been able to find her in the Wirkkala family. And I haven't been able to find anything about Hilda Tuuf - could the reason be that she was a Baptist? HisKi doesn't have Malax records for 1878. And I could not find any record of the birth of the daughter Hildur, b. 1904 in Kållby. Maybe Baptist church records aren't published? It would be appreciated if you could find something.

Also, Hilda Lovisa Tuuf had a brother who moved to New Zealand in 1900 and lived in Dunedin until he died in 1939. Is there any way to find out about his family there?


June Pelo
06-10-08, 20:27
In connection with my previous messages: Johan Alfred Mickelsson Möller had a sister Edla Sofia, b. 20 Dec 1879 in Kronoby, d. 1 Jan 1968 - maybe in the US? She married in Kronoby 1900 to Johan Edward Mattsson Libäck, b. 14 Feb 1976, and died 6 Nov 1955 in America. They went to America and they had children, but I don't have any info. about them. And we don't know where the family lived in the US. I can get a photo of the family, if needed.

Any information about them would be appreciated.

Hasse Andtbacka
06-10-08, 21:22
This is what I have:
Första generationen

1. Johan Edvard Mattsson Libäck, f. 14-02-1876 i Kronoby, (son till Matts Johansson Libäck och Brita Johanna Raj Libäck Nyberg) d. 06-11-1955 i USA.

Gifta 22-10-1900 i Kronoby, Edla Sofia Mickelsdr Libäck Möller, f. 15-03-1874 i Kronoby, (dotter till Michel Andersson Möller Hästö och Anna Greta Johansdr Möller Fagerudd) d. 01-01-1968 dödförklarad.

i. Birger Johannes Johansson Libäck, f. 23-12-1900 i Kronoby, emigrerat 1903 till USA, d. 16-03-1983 i California.

Han gifte sig med Cecilia.

2. ii. Doris Edna Satterfeal Hoverton Lebeck f. abt 1905.

Andra generationen

2. Doris Edna Satterfeal Hoverton Lebeck, f. abt 1905 i OR.

Hon gifte sig med George Euin Satterfeal.

3. i. Edna Martin Satterfeal.

Tredje generationen

3. Edna Martin Satterfeal.

Hon gifte sig med Thomas J Martin.

i. Donald Eric Martin.

Hasse A

June Pelo
06-10-08, 21:48
Thank you, Hasse. It looks like there could be living relatives somewhere. Here is the wedding photo of Johan Alfred Möller and Hilda Lovisa Tuuf. Not known when or where it was taken.

June Pelo
07-10-08, 01:08
I have a little more information about Johan Isak Johansson Tuuf who moved to New Zealand and took the name Johansson:

Johan Isak Johansson Tuuf/John Johansson, b. 17 Feb 1876, Malax. Moved to New Zealand 1893. Married there and had a son - family lived in Dunedin. John died 4 Nov 1938. Relatives would like to know if there is any of the family still living in New Zealand.