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07-10-08, 02:02
Anders Johan Andersson Backman and his wife Erika Mathilda Johansdotter Snellman and their children:
Alma Erika b. 25 Sep 1872
Johan Isidor b. 8 Nov 1874
Frank Elmer b. 17 Dec 1876
Andrew Conrad b. 27 Apr 1879
Edna Jeannette b. 21 Sep 1881
Walentin Fridolf (aka Fredolph) b. 27 Dec 1883
Lydia Eufemis b. 7 Jul 1886

left Finland and came to the United States 1889-1890. I do not think they all came at once as the immigration dates on the U.S. Census records have the girls and Fredolph coming with the parents in 1889 and the older sons coming in 1890.

There is also a son Elis Alarik b. 16 Oct 1875 that I do not have any records for other than his birth at Godtby 15, Jomala. This was still the family’s residence in 1886 when Lydia was born.

All the others, except Elis Alarik who is one of my mysteries, came to settle on the Iron Range in Minnesota after spending some time at Ishpeming, Michigan.
My grandparents Alma Erika Anderson, the oldest child, and John Nisen were married in Ishpeming 25 Aug 1891. And Erika’s youngest sister Segrid Elizabeth Anderson was born in Ishpeming on 3 Feb 1893. The girls moved when they married except for the oldest Alma Erika who with her husband and family settled in Biwabik, Minnesota, where her parents also lived.

I am hoping for some leads on finding emigration and/or immigration records for these people. How did they get from Godtby, Finland to Ishpeming, Michigan, USA? This is all I have and need some guidance where to look.

Just an after thought - Could they have left Finland for Sweden (Stockholm) before crossing the Atlantic? If so, maybe they left Godtby before 1889. My Aunt went to her grave insisting her parents came from Sweden even though I had records showing their ties to Finland.
Char Kibbie

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 16:12
I found several of the boys in their WWI Draft Reg. If all are correct, it looks like some used Anderson and some Beckman. Two of them have different second names. Frank shows Emil, not Elmer and John has Alexander, not Isidor. I could find no-one with matching births with those middle names. One also shows mother went by Mathilda Anderson.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 16:35
Here's some census results. I'll attach others in another post. Note Matilda was a widow already in 1900. I have to redo 1900, it only came through partial image.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 16:39
Here's some more census. Karen

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 16:42
Another try with 1900.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 17:01
Hopefully it works this time.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 17:37
Looking at the birth records for Jomala, I found the children, Frank was definitely Frans Emil, not Elmer. They also have the 1881 birth as Edla Mathilda, not Edna Jeannette. DOB 21 Sep 1881. Johan Isidor is the correct name, so I guess that John Alexander is not yours.
Marriage date found for Anders Johan Andersson of Godtby 15 and Erika Mathilda Johansdotter of Ödanböl on 11 Jan 1872 in Jomala.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-08, 20:39
I think these are the 4 Anderson brothers arriving 8 Oct 1890. John, Elias, Frans and Conrad. Ages seem to fit. Doesn't give destination. Karen

07-10-08, 22:59
Dear Karen,

Thank you for all your efforts to help me. Where did you locate the WWI draft registration cards? For some reason it never occurred to me to even look for them. Frans, Andrew and Freedolph are my great-uncles. Thank you for sending the images. I have saved them to my file.

Thank you, too, for the passenger list. This has Elis (aka Elias) on it and this is new info for me that he actually came to the US. I only had his birth record before. Please, please send source documentation for this. How did you find the date of 8 Oct 1890? Does the source give the name of the ship? From which port did the ship sail? I am so excited to have this bit of information. Karen - thank you, thank you, thank you!

I must tell you I already have the census pages. But I had to laugh that you so quickly found my grandparents with the spelling Nyson. It's actually Nisen, but you know the rule - "if you don't know how to spell your name at least 17 different ways you haven't been doing family history work long enough." It took me browsing through Biwabik to find them, I never thought of Nyson. Franz Emil Americanized his name to Frank Elmer. I visit with his grandaughter, my second cousin almost every week. She'll be so excited when I share the WWI draft registration card with her.

Another funny thing is that Erika Mathilda may have shown up as a widow on the 1910, but her husband is listed on the 1920! He's a mystery, too. He is not buried in the family plot at Lakeside Cemetery, Biwabik, MN. So far I have found nothing regarding his death. My cousins who grew up and still live in Biwabik don't know what happened to great-grandfather, either. It was a topic no one wanted to talk about. But I've had fun brainstorming all kinds of scenarios! So far no real evidence just lots of suppositions.

Karen, thank you so very much for all you've sent.

Karen Norwillo
08-10-08, 20:29
Source for arrival of Anderson boys was from Ancestry.com New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957, microfilm M237_556, list #1505. The ship was the "Nevada" and Ancestry incorrectly has them listed as Irish when the image clearly shows Finland. The ship sailed from Liverpool and Queensland to New York. These early manifest pages unfortunately do not show this info on each page as the newer ones do. I'll go back and look at the first page and see if it's on that, if so, I'll copy it. Everyone has been so helpful to me in my early years of research, I love returning the favor. Karen

09-10-08, 18:42
Thank you, Karen, for the source details. I look forward to receiving the copy of that first page. Your help is so appreciated.

Now it reads, "The ship sailed from Liverpool and Queensland to New York." Where is this Queensland? The only one I know is in Australia.
Or does this sentence imply that this particular ship made runs from Liverpool to New York and other runs from Queensland to New York. Certainly seems awkward to me to go from Liverpool to Queensland, Australia, and then to New York. But all this is new to me. I welcome insights into the route taken by the ship "Nevada" in 1890 to get from Liverpool to New York, arriving Oct. 8.

Char Kibbie

10-10-08, 15:32
I had the opportunity yesterday to go to the KCLS regional library here in Kent and use Ancestry.com and get a look at that passenger list of the ship Nevada where John, Elias, Franz and Conrad were listed. The ports of departure were Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland. I was able to capture an image of the front page of the list as well.
I'm now searching for the parents, daughters and youngest son who sailed across in 1888 or 1889. Their names and ages would have been:

Anders Johan Andersson/Backman b. 1843 ~46 yrs. old male
Erika Mathilda b. 1848 ~41 yrs. old female
Alma Erika b. 1872 ~27 yrs. old female
Edla (Edna) b. 1881 ~9 yrs. old female
Fredolph b. 1883 ~6 yrs. old male
Lydia b. 1886 ~3 yrs. old female
Several possible name variations and sketchy info. I'm so grateful to Karen for finding the older boys who came over in 1890.
Char Kibbie

Karen Norwillo
10-10-08, 15:33
Here's the first page. My error in saying Queensland, it's Queenstown. Sorry. Looks like your boys got on in Liverpool. Queenstown was in Ireland. Karen

12-10-08, 02:33
I found my grandmother's (and her brothers') names on a passport list, but I need some translation assistance for the profession/civil status- Styrmansdotter and also the destination- Utrikes

Source: Borough Administrator's Passport List - 1882-1903 for the Åland Islands: http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/magistrat/indexe.htm
Date- 4.10.1888 (4 Oct 1888); Name- Andersson Alma Erika; Profession/Civil Status- Styrmansdotter (?); Place- Godtby, Jomala; Destination- Utrikes (?)

Char Kibbie

June Pelo
12-10-08, 03:20

Styrmansdotter and also the destination- Utrikes

styrman = mate or first mate - she was his daughter.

utrikes = journey abroad