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June Pelo
07-10-08, 17:54
Anders Mickelsson Möller, b. 22 Mar 1865, Kronoby, married 1885 Johanna Johansdotter Häggblom, b. 14 Sep 1866, Gamlakarleby. Anders and Johanna went to America before 1886. They had a daughter Emma Maria, b. 6 Aug 1886, Bingham, Utah. They had 4 other daughters - perhaps two were born in the US? Irene Johanna, b. 16 Oct 1887, and Anna Emeli, b. 24 Jun 1889, not known where. There were two daughters born in 1891 and 1895? in Finland. Evidently the family returned to Finland before 1891. But they must have returned to the US because Anders died 26 Sep 1917 in the US and Johanna died 23 Jan 1919 in the US - not known where. It's not known if the family used the Möller name in the US. Would it be possible to find anything about this family?