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12-10-08, 22:05
Can anyone look at the passenger list if/when my great grandfather Matts Eriksson Lundström born 18 June 1858 in Kronoby Finland, travels to USA and where did he go. He wants to earn quick money and I think he was in USA between years 1888-90.


Karen Norwillo
13-10-08, 02:04
I found a 3 Jan 1888 arrival of a Matts Lundström, abt 1858, Göteborg to Liverpool to New York on "Baltic". Says he left from Sweden. It's possible he went to Sweden first. There's also a M Lundström, 29, abt 1858, also says from Sweden who arrived 14 Oct 1887 to NY from Liverpool on the "City of Chicago." I don't know if either of them are yours. Neither gives a destination other than NY.

Karen Norwillo
13-10-08, 02:39
LDS Family Search has Matts Johansson Lundström born in Terjarv and dying in Kronoby. I'm wondering if there's a connection between his wife Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjövatten and my Långsjövatten relatives. I see she was born in Esse. Her father was Anders Johansson Långsjövatten. My gggrandfather was Pehr Johansson Långsjövatten. Karen

13-10-08, 19:20
In LDS Family Search were all items my Matts Eriksson Lundström, but many date was wrong.

Matts was born and lived in Kronoby. His father Erik Johan-Henriksson Warg-Långjövatten was born 1820 in Terjärv and moved 1824 to Esse Långsjövatten. Family moved to Kronoby 1838.
Matts wife and cousin Lovisa Andersdotter born 15 Apr 1858 in Kronoby, never lived at Långsjövatten. Her father was Anders Johan-Henriksson Warg Långsjövatten born 1824 in Terjärv.
The brothers Erik and Anders lived only 14 years at Långsjövatten.
I can not found connection between Pehr.

It was difficult to read the passenger list, and both can be the right one. I think it is my Matts who arrived 14 Oct 1887. The passenger list not tells much where he go.

Thanks Karen,


13-10-08, 19:22
Last question.

Matts and Lovisas son Matts Wilhelm Mattsson Lundström born 3 May 1884 in Kronoby, died 10 Okt 1910 in USA, but where?


13-10-08, 20:22
There is a Wilhelm Lundström coming from Kronoby on the 5 of okt 1909 His father is Matts Lundström in Rudnäs ??? Finland. Wilhelm is born abt 1884. He has been in San Fransico between 1904-1909 and he´s going back there. But he got his friend Herman Johnson in Bingham Utah. He´s coming from Copenhagen with the ship United States. Coud that be the right Matts Wilhelm?


13-10-08, 21:12
Yes, this is the right one. He visits Finland for a short time!!
Father Matts Lundström lived at Rudnäs farm at this time.
Maybe this friend Herman Johnson is husband to Fanny Kronstrom who I asked about few weeks ago?!!
He arrived first time 19 Oct 1904 and he go to Boston Mass.
Did he died in Utah?


14-10-08, 08:25
In the cencus of 1910 there is a Herman Johnson Bingham Canyon,Salt Lake Utah
Herman Johnson 29
Fanny Johnson 28
Hyoddis Johnson 4 Daughter
Elva Johnson
Florence Johnson 1
Selma Hendrickson 18 Boarder Born in Utah Parents from Finland
Eufemia hendrickson 1 Boarder
Axel Winter 27 Boarder Born in Finland
Adolph Kranstrom 22 Boarder Born in Finland
Victor Johnson 20 Boarder Born in Finland