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14-10-08, 22:17

I trying to find any source for information on my cousin's maternal side.

They were Finnish speaking people that I am certain were a part of a Finnish migration into the Finnmark, Norway area.

Her name is Anna Greta (Margaretha?) Beddari. Born 1878 in Sydvaranger, Finnmark, Norway, now called Sør-Varanger.

The last name is certainly a possible indicator of Saami / Sami / or even Kven.

There is a small bit of info at the link below:


Is there anyone on Finlander, or perhaps Suku Forum that has access to any of the history of the Finns (Kvens?) that went to Finnmark, or to the church records?

I'd be interested in all pedigree or anyother information possible. I am very aware that World War II was quite devastating to the area.

Thanks in advance :D

June Pelo
15-10-08, 17:45

Half way down the page someone offers to look up names, etc.:

15-10-08, 17:52

Thanks a bunch. I'll check it out.;)