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19-10-08, 23:35
Hi everybody,

Many of you have contacted me and wondered if we the Finlander forum has been hacked or what - since the forum has been unaccessible the whole weekend.

The reason for this down time has been a planned maintenance. - Well it was planned for next weekend but since we will have a municipal election i Finland that weekend with all it means of work I decided to spend this weekend trying to work a little instead.

The Finlander is now running on another server, a somewhat faster internet line than before. The url to the Finlander forum is at least for the time being changed a little. Since the Finlander forum now is hosted on the server of the Genealogical Society of Finland the address at the moment is

http://finlander.genealogia.fiUntil I have figured out whether to keep the finlander.eget.net or not I will put redirecting links into the web pages of finlander.eget.net and the other SFHS' web sites.

Please email me if you notice any irregularities.


24-10-08, 16:46
I cant get into Finlander forum eighter from www.sfhs.eget.net or www.finlander.genealogia.fi. Why ?

Hälsningar Christer

24-10-08, 16:56
I cant get into Finlander forum eighter from www.sfhs.eget.net (http://www.sfhs.eget.net) or www.finlander.genealogia.fi (http://www.finlander.genealogia.fi). Why ?

there is no valid url www.finlander.genealogia.fi - only finlander.genealogia.fi
www.finlander.eget.net - this was something I had totally forgot during the switch over. It is now corrected. Thanks for reminding me!