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17-11-03, 16:59
My name is Alicia Koski Marshall and I live in Calumet , Michigan.
I grew up in Keweenaw county.
I am a retired Pharmacy Technician, married and have a 12 year old son Stephen Jr.
I am a volunteer on our local genealogy sites in Houghton and Keweenaw counties. I have access to the census and American Family Records collection at ancestry.com and will do reasonable lookups.
I enjoy cooking, sewing, crafting, camping and being at Lake Superior.
Humor gets me though life's tough moments.

17-11-03, 17:23
Alicia has been one of the most helpful members of family research sites to which I have belonged. And I thank her for many questions answered! Her personal genealogy library must be enormous! And she sent one of her finds, a full year of a Swedish American newspaper from early in the 20th century to the archives, where it has drawn a lot of attention. SFHS also thanks you!

17-11-03, 20:17
Thanks Syrene,
I have been laid up with some misplaced vertebrae but i have found where i misplaced them so I can walk again. :o)
Perhaps someone who reads Finnish can tell me what these titles are? I buy up any Finnish book at sales and have no idea what they are except that I don't want to see them thrown out.
I have collected some genealogy material but am constantly bugging people for more. My husband keeps telling me that I had better decide what to keep or give away because i had to tie my bookcase to the wall.:D
If anyone can tell me what these are I would be grateful.

Elämän Kevät (Spring?) 1913-1915 various issues.
Nuorten Ystävä
Maailman Lähetys
Suomen Lähetyssanomia
Yhessä nyytissä (cartoon book?)
Elämän Veden Virta
Apostolis-luterilaisuuden historia by Saarinvaara (Apostolic Lutheran history??)
(the above may be related to Laestadian Lutheran Church as i have a few others )

18-11-03, 16:28
Hi Alicia!
Most of the titles you mention are, indeed, connected to the Lutheran church of Finland.
Maailman Lähetys ( Mission of the World ) is, as far as I remember, a book. I´m afraid it is part of my attics library of hundreds of old books, many of them unread!
Suomen Lähetyssanomat ( Mission News of Finland ) is a peridiocal publish by Suomen Lähetysseura, Finnish Mission Society.
Apostolis-Luterilaisuuden historia ( History of Apostolic Lutheranity ) is indeed connected to the Laestadian movement.
Elämän Veden Virta ( River of Lifes Water ) has been published by Kirjapaja, a publishing company very closely associated with the Lutheran Church of Finland.
My husband ( a pastor of the Lutheran church of Finland ) thinks that Nuorten Ystävä ( Friend of the Young ) and Elämän Kevät ( Spring of LIfe ) are religious publications as well.
Yhessä nyytissä might be this: Erkki Tanttu. Yhessä nyytissä kuin keräsen terveiset. Otava 1957. ( In the Same Bundle like Greetings from Keränen ). It was classified under comedy in a listing of old books for sale. The price,btw, was 10 euros.


19-11-03, 15:14
Thank you very much Merja. At least now I know what to keep.
I used to donate alot of my stuff to Finlandia University but I understand that they are no longer accepting many of these old books. Probably overstocked.
I did manage to find a copy of:
Amerikan Suomalaisten Historia III, Yhdysvalloissa
Ja Canadassa Olevat Suomalaiset Asutukset.
I have looked for this for quite awhile . I ordered it yesterday .
Alibris books and Ebay are my best sources for those of you looking for related books.