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23-10-08, 15:09
Hi Christer,
I just returned home from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last night. I found that Bessemer and Crystal Falls are about 125 miles apart, so instead of going to Crystal Falls, my mom, aunt, and I went to Bessemer to search for your ggrandpa. I felt that was more important to me since I had to make a choice because of time constraints. The Gogebic County clerk searched death records in the files and on her county records computer for various spellings of Kloo, with no luck. We searched marriage records from 1898-1920 to see if he had gotten remarried, no luck. There were only 2 Christian/
Kristian's in the marriage book; a Theodore Christianson married to an Annie Clark Feb. 24, 1898 with his father being Christian Glasmaston, and a Jacob Koski married to a Lizzie on Aug. 17, 1907 with his father being a Christian Koski.I also searched the birth book for Ida's birth on June 6 1896, which was in very poor condition, the pages falling away from the binding. No record of her birth either and I checked all births from the years 1893-1898 just in case. I had hoped by finding her birth that we would be able to find out what name your ggrandpa was using. She was not listed there either. I'm so sorry. We also stopped at the Gogebic Genealogical society but they were not open. I will continue searching for you.

24-10-08, 16:24
Hi Denise
Thank you very much for all you done, when i was in Bessemer in 2007 they told me that a lot of children were not reported to the clerk just to the church where they were christened and there was a lot of churches in Bessemer in 1896 and most of them does not exist any more so finding my grandmas birth record will probably be difficult.Thank you anyway for a good try.
I have to tell you that i had no good luck with searching for your Talvitie ancestors in Kauhajoki and Hämeenkyrö eighter so i guess we are quit. Will send you message about what i found later on.Thanks again, Denise

24-10-08, 22:50
re: Genealogical Society
We discovered that the library up in MI often had ties to the local Historical and Genealogical Societies. They were very helpful in 2006 when we were wandering through the UP.