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25-10-08, 12:41
Does anyone have information on Edla Johanna Isaksdotter (Lassila) 21.5.1877 Finland, Esse. Married to Henrik Koljola in the U.S.
They may have had two children; Harry Uno 1903 and Lilli Johanna 1904?

She came back to Finland probably in 1907 and returned to the States again in 1913 or later?

B. Mattsson

26-10-08, 19:18
I Found some information about an Edla Lassila at Ellis Island. She arrived at Oct. 26 1912 to New York. She had 4 children with her: Uno, age 9, Lillie, age7, Anna, age 5 and Elin , age 2. She was going to husband Harry Anderson, Seattle, Washington. Could this be your Edla?

07-11-08, 16:24
Hi.:) ...You have found the Edla Im looking for.If you have more inf. please send.
Thanks from b.m

07-11-08, 18:57

In 1930 they Live in Greenwood, Lewis Washington
Harry Anderson 57
Edla Anderson 52
Harry Anderson Jr 27 Born in Washington Delivery, Merchantile store
Lilly Anderson 25 Born in Washington Teacher Public school
Ellen Anderson 20 Born in Finland
William Anderson 16 Born in Washington
Leonard Anderson 13 Born in washington

In the cencus of 1920 their daughter Annie is also living with them. She is 12 years old then, and born in Finland

08-11-08, 15:53
There is also a WW1 draft card for Harry Anderson born February 25 1873 in Finland. He is at that time living in Hobart King Washingston and his wifes name is Edla Johanna Anderson