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Kaija S.
31-10-08, 08:40
Hi everyone!

My grandfather’s brother Toivo Aleksander Hukkanen (b. 9.10.1883 in Vyborg, Finland) immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1907 at the age of 24 years. His family name was written Hukkonen (with an “o” instead of an “a”) in the passenger list of the Migration Institute of Finland. According this list he left Finland (Hanko) 13.11.1907 and arrived in Boston by M/S Arcturus. There is some information on him in a book by Elis Sulkanen about Finnish immigrants in the U.S.A. (ed. 1951): Toivo Hukkanen lived in Rockport, Massachusetts, and he was a musical person who performed in social evenings as a singer and as the director of the choir of the workers’ association in Rockport. I have a photo where he is with his wife and two children (a boy and a girl) but I don’t know the names of these family members. It is possible that he changed his family name in the U.S.A.

I would be very grateful for any information on Toivo Hukkanen.

Kaija Salminen

31-10-08, 13:28

There is a Toivo Hukkoinen arriving to Boston from Liverpool the 30 Nov 1907. The name of the ship is Cymic. he is coming from Vipuri. His father Alexander Hukkoinen lives in Viipuri.He is going to New York were he got his cousin Ida Loikkonen on 155 E 54 st


Karen Norwillo
31-10-08, 16:26
I ,too, found that 1907 arrival. I also found a 1910 arrival for a Tahvo Hokkanen, going to Gardner, MA. Wife Mathilda at home in Finland. I found the family in Gardner in 1920 and in 1930, Tilda was widowed by then. In 1920 there are 4 children, two born in Finland who emigrated with their mother in 1910. Names are Wilo, born abt 1907, Lauri, abt 1908, Eino or Ina, abt 1911 and Kaarin, abt 1913. On one census they have Eino as a son, in 1930 as Ina, a daughter. I found a Lauri Hokkanen born 19 Aug 1908 and died 20 Oct 1993 in Winchendon, Worcester, MA. I couldn't find Wilho after 1920. I did see a Toivo Sam Hokkanen who was Naturalized 2 Jul 1935 in Quincy, MA born abt 1906. I wonder if that could be Wilho? I'm attaching what I found.
Probably will have to do it in two posts. Karen

Karen Norwillo
31-10-08, 16:29
Here's the rest.

Kaija S.
31-10-08, 20:34
Hi Kerstin and Karen,

thanks to both of you for your answers! It seems that the information given by Kerstin is about my grand-uncle Toivo Alexander Hukkanen, and I'm very glad about that. However, Tahvo Hokkanen found by Karen unfortunately seems to be the wrong person. Toivo Hukkanen was an unmarried man without children in Finland and did not marry until in the U.S.A.

I hope that somewhere would be some extra information on Toivo Hukkanen, e.g. on his living and working in Rockport and his marriage and family. Do you perhaps have some record of changed family names in the U.S.A?

Thanks once more!

Kaija Salminen