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June Pelo
31-10-08, 19:40
I have received the following request for help. Would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Her mother's name was Ellen Adelle Erkkila- Viitakoski, b. June 19 1899 in Pomarkuu, Finland, Parents Frank Viitakoski and Mother Hilma Hikkila. I do not know where to began searching for records for her. Trying to locate the village of Pomarkuu . At one time she told me that her mother was from Turku.
Her mother was married three times: 1st was to John Koski, Divorced. 2nd was to Arvo Latva, Died. The 3rd was to Jack Erkkila. They were married in Ripley N.Y. in 1932. I imagine the first marriages were in the Ashtabula, Ohio area. I believe the Jack Erkkila family lived in the Painesville, Ohio area for awhile before moving to Utah. Marriage was in 1932 so I am unable to check census. Jack had been married to a Hilda Sivula before and she died in 1929 so it was his second marriage to Ellen. I have gotten a lot of information on Jaakko Mikeal Erkkila - he was born in Isokyro in 1885 where one of my grandmothers was from. I had one of my relatives research the Erkkila family. Perhaps you might be able to steer me on the right direction of Viitakoski family in Finland. She mentions a brother Svante Viitakoski also.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 15:48
I found the 1930 census for Ellen, also the WWII Draft Reg for Jack Erkkila, the death for Arvo Latva and for Hilda Erkkila. Also found an arrival for maybe Jaakko Erkkila. I found him as a widower in 1930. You'll see there are two Arvo Latva who died in 1930 in Lake County,OH. I'll have to do this in two posts, too big. Karen

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 15:54
Here's Hilda Erkkila and maybe Jaakko Erkkila's arrival to US. There were lots of John Koski's to chose from, so I didn't do those. Why did Ellen and Jack marry in NY when they were both in OH after the deaths of their spouses? Any ideas? He had young children. They were still in Painesville in 1942.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 16:21
The two Arvo Latva were father and son. Ellen lost them both just 9 months apart. Arvo Latva born 24 Mar 1902 in Finland, died 9 Dec 1930 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery 12 Dec 1930. Age 28 yrs, 8 mos, 15 days. Wife Ellen, father Frank Latva in Finland. Lived 401 6th St Fairport Harbor, Lake, OH. Arvo Arnold Latva born 25 Feb 1928 and died 14 Mar 1930, 2 yrs, 19 days, buried 15 Mar 1930 Evergreen, father Arvo Latva, mother Ellen Kaski.
I found them Family Search Pilot OH Deaths. Hope the images come through, I had to resize. Oops, looks like I overdid it. Too small. I'll try again. All the info on them, I gave in the post.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 16:33
Here's the larger images. Looks like father died of acute nephritis and so looks like uremia, both kidney related.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 20:21
Children of Jack and Hilda Erkkila, Lillie or Lillian Louise born 1 Apr 1919 in Grays Harbor, WA, not OH as 1930 census has, father Jacob Erkkila, mother Hilda Sivala. WA Births 1907-1919 image 2166. Ernest Erkkila, July 1920 in OH. There is a present address for him in Painesville, OH, age 88. Vienna or Verna Erkkila Lepisto 9 June 1917 in Lake cty, OH died 3 Mar 1994 in Lake County Memorial Hosp-East, Painesville, OH, age 70, OH Deaths 1958-2002 certif. 021836. In 1920, Jack, as Mike, and Hilda were in Scofield, Carbon, UT. Jack M Erkkila 6 Mar 1885 Finland died 20 Sep 1974 in Salt Lake City, UT, buried Scofield Cemetery. Ellen A Erkkila, says 19 Jun 1898, died 12 Oct 1986 Scofield, Carbon, UT. SSDI and Utah Cemetery Index. WWI Draft Reg has Jacob Mikael Erkkila in Delta county, CO. Has birth year as 1886.

June Pelo
01-11-08, 20:51

Thanks a million for all that you found. I've been sending them on - needless to say they are overwhelmed with how much you were able to find. I also asked your question. Don't know if I'll get a speedy answer. He just found out his wife has cancer, so they're all shook up.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 21:17
First, please extend my thoughts and prayers to him. As you know, we just went through this.
Then, I found Pormarkku on Hiski and in the Digital Archives. Most of the Viitakoski/Wiitakoski names were all in Laitila villge or Kynäs. It only gives one farm on Hiski, Kynäslahti farm in Laitila. Records only go so far, but I found a Johan Jakobsson Wiitakoski in the 1875 and 1880 rolls. Unfortunately the small children are not mentioned by name. I hope these images come through. I had to crop and darken.

June Pelo
01-11-08, 22:46
Thanks for the latest, Karen. He said he is saving everything to study more later. I conveyed your message to him.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 23:38
I hit a windfall on Ancestry One World Tree. I can't vouch for accuracy, but it's alot.

Frans Oskar Wiitakoski 3 Apr 1877-16 May 1912 Pomarkku
Hilma Paulina Heikkila abt 1886-11 May 1955 Pomarkku
married 30 May 1898
I found a Frans Oskar Johanpk Wiitakoski who moved fron Pomarkku to Norrmarkku 26 Oct 1889 from farm #121 on Hiski

Martta Josephina no dates
Elli Adelei (Ellen Adelle) 20 Jun 1898-12 Oct 1986 Price, UT
Paavo Ilmari 18 Jan 1907-28 May 1955 Pomarkku
Waino Edvard 21 Sep 1910-16 May 1912 Pomarkku
Frans Onni 28 Feb 1913-28 May 1913 Pomarkku

Hilma's second husband was Iisakki Sikstus Wiitakoski 2 Aug 1889 Kangaan-
paa-1 Feb 1945 Pomarkku They married 5 Apr 1915
Their children
Svante Nikolai 19 May 1915-12 Oct 1991.
Eino William 8 Mar 1919 Pomarkku and died 23 Sep 1941 unknown.
I'll put the rest in another post as I had trouble last time. Kept telling me I wasn't logged in when I was.

Karen Norwillo
01-11-08, 23:51
Here's some more.
Ellen married John Erkki Koskinen or Koski 22 Dec 1921 in Fairport Harbor, Lake, OH. He was born 20 Dec 1889 in Jalasjärvi, Vaasa, Finland and died 30 Oct 1950 in Painesville, OH. It says they has 2 children, one living, no name
Other Vernie John Koski 23 Sep 1922 in Fairport Harbor-died 20 May 1992 in Aberdeen, WA. Second wife of John Koski was Martha Marie Wallin.
Paavo Ilmari was married to Lahja Anelma Frigard(Frigård?)
Martta Josephina was married to Svante Korkiamäki, born 1891. That should give a fair idea of her birth year.
There are lots of living relatives, but no names.
I wonder if the Johan Jakobsson Wiitakoski I found was Frans Oskar's father?

June Pelo
02-11-08, 21:12
Hi Karen,

I've sent it all on - imagine they are too swamped to have time to study it. But we thank you for all that research.

Karen Norwillo
03-11-08, 14:54
I found John Koski in 1930. He was already married to Martha or Marta. The two children, plus one of hers, were with them. The one son's name is grossly misspelled. I'm waiting to hear from that person we discussed.

June Pelo
03-11-08, 19:38
Thanks, Karen. I'll forward this latest to him. And we'll wait to hear what you find out. Betty Erkkila wanted me to forward her special thanks to you.