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Kaj Granlund
04-11-08, 22:37
There have been a lot of jokes about men, so I just couldn't stop sharing these:


The not so proper young man was waiting to get his ticket as he asked the lady in front of him: “Excuse me, have you got money for a ticket?” She looked at him and said: “Young man. I certainly don’t.” As she was in turn to get her ticket the young man said: “I’ll pay the ticket for this lady. She hasn’t got enough money.”

The woman dressed in the last fashion from Paris turned to the man behind her saying: ”Please, don’t stand too close. Some ash from your cigarette might drop and spoil this dress. And you won’t be able to pay it.” He looked at her dress. Finally he said: “You might be right, but I could afford to pay the bills for it, that you get from the credit-company.”