View Full Version : A copy of your own death certificate!

June Pelo
18-11-03, 22:05
According to the website of Multnomah County, OR, "If you need a certified copy of your death certificate, you should contact the Certification Unit of the Oregon Center for Health Statistics" atwww.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/FREDS/records/reference.shtml (http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/FREDS/records/reference.shtml)


18-11-03, 23:39
I must say - Americans are fast! Pre -ordered death certificates...

Maybe something for our EU-paperpushers...

Gita Wiklund
19-11-03, 00:19

Did you point out the mistake to the webmaster, because now I read:

"If you need a certified copy of a death certificate.."


June Pelo
19-11-03, 01:11
Yes, it obviously was an error which has been corrected. I think they intended to say a copy of a death certificate, but didn't read what they wrote before they posted it.