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06-11-08, 21:06
Could anyone verify the Erik Johansson Mattjus married for second time on 25.11.1801 to Sanna / Susanna Mattsdotter is the same Ericus Johansson born on 15.9.1762. Born on Mattjus farm Overpurmo.


Jaska Sarell
06-11-08, 22:28
Some Talko entries list Erik Johansson Mattjus b. 15.9.1762 d. 2.3.1821, but only his first wife Anna Johansdotter Mattjus b. 17.6.1764 d. 14.10.1800.
So he's very likely the same guy.

:) Jaska

07-11-08, 01:03
Thanks Jaska

I had found the first marriage in HisKi to Anna Johansdotter on 20.11.1785 but didn't realize he was listed on Talko. I guess the bigger problem will be to find the birth of his second wife, which I am decended from.


Jaska Sarell
08-11-08, 23:07
This appearance of Anna Susanna Mattsdr in Purmo communion book 1802-1808 doesn't help much. Only birth year which can be read as 1776 or 1770 (I recall seeing 1776 in later year books). No accurate DOB or details where she came from :mad:

Purmo isn't the easiest place to research 200 years ago.

:) Jaska

09-11-08, 11:56
From the Hiski birthrecords Anna Susannas birth year is 1770

Purmo - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

15.12.1805 18.12.1805 Mattjus Bd. Eric Johansson Anna Susanna Mattsdr 35 Beatha

23.11.1808 27.11.1808 Matius Bd. Eric Johansson Susanna Mattsdr 38 Anders

Christina Nordback

10-11-08, 19:28
Thanks Christina

I have the marriage of Beatha Eriksdotter Mattjus and Johan Johansson Svarfvar on May 31, 1829. They later moved to Kornjarvi farm where she died March 9, 1837. She was my gr gr gr granddmother.
There are several gedcom's in talko that have her mother's birth as Feb. 27, 1771 on Svarfvar farm, but no source for the information is listed.