View Full Version : Några funderar - Somebody is wondering...

07-11-08, 01:43
...about the new threads posted by the user Westside.

A short answer to calm you all down. These messages are small information snipplets about threads posted on the Westside forum in Ostrobothnia.

The idea with Finlander is to provide a possibility of connecting people and providing a channel to get answers to questions asked. Since there are questions asked on many different web sites - other than Finlander - I'm trying to add a "hub" functionality for Finlander, ie. using Finlander to distribute not only messages posted on Finlander but also information about discussions going on on other channels.

As you all notice - nothing commercial is involved, no adverts, nothing more than a shortened message and the subject line in addition to the link to the original message thread.

So - these messages dropping in into this subforum are quite "legit".