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Ingemar Ekman
07-11-08, 16:04
A friend in Åland looking for information what happen his grandfather and great-grandfather after they emigrated from the south of Ostrobothnia in Finland:
Johan Hemming Johansson Sjöberg born 27 March 1901 in Ömossa, Sideby emigrated 1928 to Vancouver Canada and worked at Fracer Mills and then moved from Canada to USA and was married there.
The father Johan Henrik Sjöberg born 25 Apr 1850 in Munsala emigrated to USA 1902.
Thank you in for any help,

07-11-08, 17:59

Canadian Passanger list shows that Hemming Sjöberg born abt 1901 arrives to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 29 of april 1928. He is coming from Gothenburg on the vessel Stockholm. The ticket is payed by his uncle Mr Sigfrid Åbro in Fraser Mills . Hemming got his wife Hilda Sjöberg in Ömossa, Sideby

Karen Norwillo
07-11-08, 20:22
Here is the image of that arrival. I couldn't find him anywhere after that under any name or any variations.

Ingemar Ekman
20-11-08, 18:31
Thank you Kerstin and Karen,

Sigfrid Åbro in Fraser Mills returned home to Finland 1931 and Johan Hemming Johansson Sjöberg was remarried probably in USA.

Around 1976-1980 the descendants in Finland was contacted by an English speaking person that asked about if they had any relatives in USA but no notes were taken due to language confusion.

I have in the newspapers "Norden" and "Finska Amerikanaren" read advertisements 1920-1940 for missing relatives in USA / Finland and in some cases looked that authority advertised (consulate of Finland?).

How was the procedure 1970's and 1980´s regarding missing relatives that the authority would like to contact?

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June Pelo
20-11-08, 21:51

From time to time Norden publishes names of missing people posted by the Consulate General of Finland
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 250
New York, NY 10017
e-mail: finconny*ix.netcom.com

If you wish, you could contact the editor of Norden for more information: He is Erik Hermans and his e-mail: nordennews*aol.com You can tell him that I referred you. He knows me.