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June Pelo
10-11-08, 00:35
The majority of Finlanders see no problem with homosexual teachers, doctors, police, priests, president, newspaper editors or pop stars. 64% would accept a homosexual president; and 69% would accept a homo priest.

Falling accidents are the largest cause of deaths in Österbotten, followed by traffic accidents in second place. Drowning accidents are in third place, followed by alcoholic poisoning deaths in fourth place.

There are more divorces in Finland than in other Nordic countries. Last year there were 7 divorces in Finland per 1,000 couples. In Iceland, whch has the lowest rate, there were 5 divorces per 1,000 couples. The birthrate in Finland and Denmark is lowest of the Nordic countries. The most births were in Iceland, Greenland, and Faroe Islands.

Wages in Finland for men for the last quarter of 2007 were 13.78 euro per hour for men and 11.17 for women.

A website launched by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland to combat the trend of people leaving the Church via the internet seems to have backfired. The number of people leaving almost tripled. So far 120,000 members have left the Church and a couple dozen have joined.

From Norden and FAR.