View Full Version : Veterianrian's opinion

11-11-08, 07:57
An old lady found her parrot lifeless in it's cage when she woke in the morning. She took it to a veterinarian who said that it had died.

Are you certain? What if it has only dozed off?

The veterinarian called for his dog who (yes dogs are persons) snfifed at the parrot and walked away.

The dog thinks also that your parrot is dead, I'm sorry, said the veterinarian.

I would like to have another opinion, just to be sure.

The veterinarian fetched his cat who (cats are also persons) sniffed and poked a little and walked away.

Same thing, the parrot is very dead, the veterinarian said.

Well, thank ypu for your trouble, the lady said and tried to walk away.

Wait a second. Your bill is 500 dollars, the veterinarian reminded.

Oh, that was much!

It would have been cheaper but for the labrador test and the cat-scan.