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Where would one locate the items listed below?

I am interested in any detail of the trip from Hankö to Hull on the passenger ship Arcturus, including: passenger conditions onboard ship, maps of the ship layout, weather conditions, cargo manifests, number of passengers, crew lists, accidents, illness and incidents reported, meals, accommodations and entertainment, travel attire, luggage, popular past times etc., any departing photographs or photos onboard Arcturus.

The ship
Passenger ship, ARCTURUS,
Builder: Gourlay Brothers, Dundee in 1899,
Owner: the Finland Steamship Co (Suomen Hoyrylaiva Osakeyhtio)

The voyage
Departure: Hankö, Finland
Date: 6-22-1901
Arrival Hull, England

Items of interest
Dated around 6-22-1901 to 1907

Captain’s Log
Maintaince Log
Ship Log
Passenger Manifest
Cargo Manifest
Medical examiner reports
Finland Steamship Company records, advertisements
Photograph of crew, passengers, ship, and cabins
Maps of ship layout, cabins
Postcards of ship,
Letters or Post cards from passengers
Diary entries, Personal Logs, Family stories about this ship dated around 1900 –1910
Books mentioning the ship, crew, passengers
News and magazine articles regarding emigrants around 1901 and 1906

If you would like more information on the ARCTURUS and other passenger ships, here are some sites that I have researched. As you can see I have located a good deal of general information and now would like information specific to the trip on 6-22-1901.


Emigration From Ostrobothnia from June Pelo’s article collection

Finish Steamship Co.
The Fleets
Finland Steamship Company Ltd./Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget (FÅA)
Hanko – Migration / Emigration


Sulo’s family and Ancestry hakanen.org

Hull England


The Finns in the United States: The Project on Finnish Immigration of the Michigan Historical…
Letter 5

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the link to Norway Heritage does not work any more. Google www.norwayheritage.com.

If you relatives came through Hull England this site is well worth visiting.

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One more correction

About the emigration (pdf): www.hanko.fi/city/pdf/Westward.pdf Hanko museum has further information regarding the history of Hanko, for example articles of ...
www.hanko.fi/tourism/2007/?pid=4659a4d14a1055907&lang=en - 14k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

June Pelo
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Have you look at this site: