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June Pelo
16-11-08, 00:17
I'm stuck and would appreciate any information someone can find about any of these people:

Karl Johan Karlsson Ventjärvi or Skrabb- Carlson, b. 24 Jun 1869, Karleby, d. ? (in MN?), married to Matilda, b. ? d. ? (MN?). Karl moved to Helsinki 1890 and he and Matilda had 4 children. Don't know if they married in Karleby or Helsinki. Family used the name Carlson in the US. The children were:
- Jenny b. ?
- Rudolph b. ?
- Carl Theodore b. ?
- Fanny Sofia, b. 1899, Helsinki

Karl and familly moved to Palisade ?, MN before 1918.

Fanny married in Crosby, MN 1918 to Jakob Emil Jakobsson, 1878-1963. The family seems to have lived in several place in MN. I have data about Jakob's parents in Finland.

It appears that Karl Johan's father Karl Mattsson Ventjärvi, b. 4 Apr 1840, Karleby, d. 25 Jan 1887 in the US. His wife Sofia, b. 18 May 1844, Karleby, d. 4 Jan 1882, where?