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June Pelo
15-11-08, 23:28
I'm stuck and would appreciate any information someone can find about any of these people:

Karl Johan Karlsson Ventjärvi or Skrabb- Carlson, b. 24 Jun 1869, Karleby, d. ? (in MN?), married to Matilda, b. ? d. ? (MN?). Karl moved to Helsinki 1890 and he and Matilda had 4 children. Don't know if they married in Karleby or Helsinki. Family used the name Carlson in the US. The children were:
- Jenny b. ?
- Rudolph b. ?
- Carl Theodore b. ?
- Fanny Sofia, b. 1899, Helsinki
Not known when or where the other three children were born.

Karl and familly moved to Palisade ?, MN before 1918.

Fanny married in Crosby, MN 1918 to Jakob Emil Huhta-Jakobsson, 1878-1963. The family may have lived in several places in MN. I have data about Jakob's parents in Finland.

It appears that Karl Johan's father Karl Mattsson Ventjärvi, b. 4 Apr 1840, Karleby, d. 25 Jan 1887 in the US. His wife Sofia, b. 18 May 1844, Karleby, d. 4 Jan 1882, where? Don't know what name they would have used - Skrabb, Ventjärvi, Porko. Karl and Sofia had several other children who were born in Karleby and later came to the US, but not known where:
- Anders, b. 27 May 1862, d. 18 Jan 1894, US.
- Tobias, b. 4 Aug 1867, to US 1891.
- Vilhelm, b. 16 Jul 1872, to US 1892.
- Knut Albert, b. 1 Jun 1875, to US ?
Some of these people may have used the name Carlson.


16-11-08, 07:10
There is a Carl J Skrabb 37 arriving to Boston jn july 1900. he has his family with him.
His wife Martha 34
Jenny 4
Fanny 3
They are coming from Helsingfors and they are going to Aitkin Minnesota

And in Minnesota Territorial and state Cencuses ther is a Carl J Carlson living in Aitkin Minnesota in 1905.
Carl J Carlson 35
jennie M Carlson 9 Born in Finland
fannie S Carlson 7 Born in Finland
Carl T R Carlson 5 Born in Finland
Rudolf J Carlson 2 Born in Minnesota

In the cencus of 1920 the family lives in Workman Aitkin Minnesota and Karl must have remarried.
Karl Carlson 50 Farmer born in Finland
Hannah Carlson 43 Born in Finland Immigrated in 1906
jennie Carlson 24 Born in Finland Cook Working out
Carl Carlson 20 Born in Finland
Rudolph Carlson 16 Born in Minnesota
Frank Carlson 1 grandson Born in Minnesota

But in 1930 it looks like this. they still livein Workman
Carl J carlson 60
Hannah B Carlson 53

In the cencus of 1930 there is a Carl T Carson 30 Born in Finland Immigrated in 1900. He is living in Belmont San Mateo California and he is married to Edith 27 born in Minnesota. Parents from Finland
Ralph Carlson 3
Virginia carlson 2
glenn Carlson 1
Viola Carlson
All the children born in California


16-11-08, 10:12
And there is also a Toby and Wilhelm Carlson living in Aitkin.

Toby is in 1895 living in Township 49 in Aitkin. He is born abt 1868 in Finland and he has been in Minnesota for 3 years. Wilhelm Carlson has also been there for 3 years.

in cencus 1900 they are living in Morrison township& Twps. 48749 Rangers 25-27 Aitkin Minnesota
Toby carlson 32 Born in Finland in aug 1867
Sophia Carlson Born in Finland in dec 1872
Jennie Carlson born in Minnesota in feb 1898
Ellen m Carlson born in aug 1899 in Minnesota
William Carlson Brother born in Finland in july 1872
Lavinia M Carlson Sister in law Born in Finland in june 1881
Sanfred Erlund Cousin born in Finland in july 1871

In 1905 Wilhelm is living in Workman. He is married to Rigena M 23 born in Finland.
Elvira R Carlson 4 and George W Carlson 2 are born in Minnesota

IN 1910 Wilhelms family looks like this
Wilhelm Carlson 37
renna Carlson 27
Elvira carlson 9
George William carlson 7
Wernon Andrew carlson 5
waldomer Carlson 3

And in 1920 they are still living in Worknan
William Carlson 47
Regina carlson 38
Elvira Carlson 19
George carlson 16
Verner Carlson 14
Waldimar Carlson 11
raymond Carlson 9
Dorris carlson 4
Irving Carlson Born abt 1919 in Wisconsin

In cencus 1910 Tobias and his family lives in Logan, Aitkin Minnesota
tobias Carslon 43
Sophia carlson 37
Jennie Carlson 12
Arthur Carlson 8
Edith carlson 5
helen carlson 3
Hugo Carlson
Tobias and Sophia has been married to each other for 14 years and Sophia has given birth to 7 children and 5 of them are living.

In cencus 1920 they are still living in Logan
Tobean Carlson 52
Sophia Carlson 47
Arthur carlson 18
Edith Carlson 15
Helen Carlson 13
Hugo Carlson 12
June Carlson 4
Jennie Perkins 21
Henry Perkins 21 Son in law Born in Minnesota

And in 1930 it looks like this
Toby Carlson 63
Sophia H Carlson 56
June V Carlson 14
William N Carlson 26 Son in Law Born in Minnesota Parents from Sweden
Helen A carlson 23
Eugene W Carlson Grandson born abt 1929 in Minnesota
Carl G Carlson 61 Roomer Divorced Born in Sweden. Immigrated in 1881
William is married to Helen.

In the cencus of 1930 Henry and Jennie Perkins are living in Duluth Minnesota
Henry Perkins 31
Jennie perkins 37
freda Perkins 8
Pauline Perkins 7
Allen Perkins 6


June Pelo
16-11-08, 19:29

My goodness! What a treasure you have found. Thank you. I'll send it on to the family - it will take a while to digest all of it. And yes, Carl did have brothers Tobias and Wilhelm who also came to the US. But we are under the impression he had another brother Anders Carlsson Skrabb, b. 27 May 1862, Finland, who came to the US and died here 18 Jan 1894. Nothing more is known about him or where he lived. We thought Carl's wife's name was Matilda, but it looks like it was Martha according to your data. We know nothing about her, but evidently she died and he remarried to Hanna who came from Finland in 1906.

This information should help clear up some questions. The family thought Carl Carlson had another daughter named Ebba, but she isn't listed in any data, so evidently she was related some other way. Well, the family can go through all this and set up 3 families - Carl, Tobias and Wilhelm. The family here is related to Carl through his daughter Fanny who married Jakob Jakobson and they also lived in Aitkin. And they think that Fanny's siblings married:
Rudolph married Estelle
Carl Theodore married Edith
Jenny married Olaf Beck

Thank you again.

17-11-08, 23:28
There is a WW1 draft card for Olaf Beck born 7 feb 1896 in Finland. He is living in Aitkin Minnesota

In 1930 he and his family are living in Workman Aitkin Minnesota
Olaf Beck 34 Farmer Immigrated 1913 Born in Finland
Jennie M Beck 34
Frank Beck 11
Ellen Beck 9
Henery D Beck 7
Walter O Beck 6
Carl A Beck 4
George R Beck 2
Elizabeth Beck 72 Mother

Border crossings from Canada to US 1895-1956 about Olof Beck
Name Olof Beck
Arrival date 18 jun 1913
Age 17
Birth country Finland
Gender Male
Race/ Nationality Finnish
Ship name Megantic
Port of departure Liverpool England
Olof, his mother Elizabeth 56 and his brother Karl 11 are coming from Jacobstad. Elizabeth`s daughter Anna Sofia Beck is living in Jacobstad. They are going to Superior Wisconsin to Elisabeth´s son in law Theodor Anderson


June Pelo
18-11-08, 00:42
Thank you, Kerstin. It's good to get information about Olof Beck who married Jenny, b. 1896 in Helsinki. We knew she married him, but had no further information about their children. It's amazing to recall that when we started the search for Carlson, all we knew was the father's name and the names of 3 children - we had no dates and weren't even sure of the last name that was used, nor when they came to the US. Now we know they came over in July 1900 to Boston and they had used the name Skrabb in Finland. Someone found this information at the Institute of Migration:

Skrabb Anders 21.04.1900 (could be Carl Johan's brother)
Skrabb Carl Johan 11.07.1900
Skrabb Fanny 11.07.1900
Skrabb Jenny 11.07.1900
Skrabb Mathilda 11.07.1900
Skrabb Otto 19.05.1900 ?
Skrabb Otto 08.02.1902 ?
Skrabb Otto 30.11.1912 ?
Skrabb Sandra 31.08.1907 ?
Skrabb Theodor 11.07.1900

18-11-08, 08:52
There is a Anders Skrabb arraiving to New York on the 5 of may 1900.He is 17 years old and born in Finland abt 1883. he is going to New york to friend Jon Bjork 1708 Park Ave City

And maby this is the same person?
US Naturalization Records Index 1794-1995 about Andreas T Skrabb
Name Andreas T Skrabb
Age 22
Birth date 24 dec 1882
Arrival year 6 of May 1899 issue date 5 aug 1904
State New York
Locality,Court Southern District of New York, District and Circuit Court
Title Alphabetical Index for petitions for Naturalization of the US District Court and Circuit Court For the southern District of New york 1824-1941
Description Schwartz,Sam to Sorgenfri, Christian
Series M1676

Andreas is a carpenter and he is living in Astoria Long island New York
Witnesses to the Naturalization is Johan Joel Bjork. He is also a carpenter.

There is a Otto Skrabb arriving to New york on the 4 of jun 1900. he is born abt 1882. He is coming from G Karleby and he is going to Duluth Minnesota to friend Maria Enlund.Ship name is Cymic

There ia also a otto Skrabb born abt 1867 arriving to New york on the 14 of dec 1912. He is coming from Gamla Karleby and he has got his wife Maria Skrabb in Såka By gamla Karleby.He is going to Eureka California. He got his cousin Andrew Jansson there. Otto has lived in Eureka before,(from 1907 to 1912??)

Sandra Skrabb from Såka by in Gamla Karleby is arriving to New York on the 14 of sept 1907. She is 21 years old and her father is Axel Skrabb in Såka by gamla karleby. She is going to Astoria oregon to friend Emma carlson
She is travelling together with the following persons from Såka by.
Otto Rasmus 29 and his wife Ida 27. Ottos father is Gusta rasmus in Såka by. They are going to Lead City South dakota to Otto´s brother in law Thom Berttila??
Hildur Kulla 19. Her father is Matts Kulla In Såka by. She is also going to Astoria Oregon where she got her aunt Emma Carlson
Aina Rasmus 21. her father is Johan rasmus in Såka by. She is going to New York where she got her friend Joel Bjork

In Cencus 1910 there is a theodor Skrabb living on Manhattan New york. he is born abt 1883 in Finland. Maby it´s Anders that has chanched name? He is single and is a carpenter on odd jobs.
Theodore Skrabb 26 (theodore Shrabb)
Albert A Johanson 23 Partner Born in Sweden
Algot Johanson 18 Partner Born in Sweden
Anders gustafsson 23 partner Born in Sweden

And this is from Sweden Emigration Records Emigranten Populär
Name Anders Skrabb
Birth year abt 1841
Gender Male
Place of origin Finland
Destination Ludington
record date 27 apr 1883
Port of departure Göteborg
Database name Emihamn
Archive call number 22:454:17424
Principal Person Skrabb Anders

Name Johannes Skrabb
Birth year abt 1865
gender Man
Place of origin Finland
Destination Ludington
Record date 27 april 1883
Port of departure Göteborg
database name Emihamn
Archive call number 22:454:17423
Principal Person Skrabb Johannnes


June Pelo
18-11-08, 17:44

Thank you for all your research. It will take a while to look at everything you sent. I don't think that Anders Skrabb, b. abt 1883, is part of the Carlson family. They had an Anders, b. 27 May 1862 in Karleby. Since there isn't much information about him, we don't know when he came to the US nor where he went. I'll send all of this to the family to see if any of it is familiar.