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Carolyn Nelson
20-11-03, 08:47
I signed in a couple of months ago and keep getting reminders to participate... so guess I should check in! I live in Tacoma and my Dad (Ralph Nelson) and I have been to Finland twice.
My grandmother came from Edsevo/Bredarholm and grandfather from Terjarv. We have numerous cousins and relatives in Jakobstad, Kallby, Edsevo, Terjarv, and Karleby. There is another branch of the family that we have not met yet.
We plan to go back next summer.
It has been so much fun to meet all the relatives and we have been delighted with their hospitality. We went there expecting to have time for sight seeing and exploration, etc. and ended up visiting relatives the whole time, which was great!
We belong to the local Runeberg and to SFHS and really enjoy meeting people from all the same areas. We always say we all must be somehow related.
I would love to hear from other people who have relatives in the same areas. We did not even know about our relatives until my Dad checked in with SFHS so we are very grateful to them.

20-11-03, 16:28
Hi Carolyn !
I have many names from Bredarholm and Edsevö in my data .We live in Kållby Dalabäck not so far away from Edsevö.My wife Svea have several Bredarholm in he´s ahnentafel.Do you have some names for me to research ?I like to help if I can.Best regards ,Bert Lindvall