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Ingemar Ekman
19-11-08, 18:34
Siv in Finland asking for help to find information want happened her great uncle Anders Joel Johansson Hästbacka born 9 Nov 1874 in Terjärv Sunabacka.
He probably arrived Ellis Island 3.1. 1896 together with his halfsister Amanda Hästbacka (17years old) but she returned home and died 10 Jan 1954 in Nykarleby
Anders Joel may have stated incorrect birth year since he went away from the Russian military service.
Also Siv´s grandfather Alexander Johansson Hästbacka b 26 Sep 1877 emigrated. He took the surname Hill, he returned back to Finland, but not
his brother Anders Joel.
Siv will be happy for any help.

Best regards,

19-11-08, 21:39
Amanda and Joel Hästbacka are arriving to New york on the 3 of jan 1896. Amanda is 26 and Joel is 20. Ship name Britannic

There is also a Alexander Hästbacka born abt 1878 arriving to New york on the 18 of may 1906. He is going to his cousin Joel Edström in New York


Karen Norwillo
20-11-08, 15:42
Here's the ship's manifest for the Britannic. Note, while Amanda Hästbacka is given as 26, there is another Amanda age 17 on the same page. Anders is just below the two Amandas. He is travelling as Joel.

Ingemar Ekman
21-11-08, 17:31
Siv sends her thanks to Kerstin and Karen and telling this:
Alexander lived at his cousin Joel Mattsson Hässjebacka (changed his name to Joel Edstrom in New York). Joel Edstom was married to Edla Johanna Gustafsdotter Knutar b 24 Jul 1867.
Siv has no information want happened the other Joel Anders Johansson Hästbacka Sunabacka born 9 Nov 1874 after he arrived to New York, except that grandfather Alexander talked about how big trees his uncles had to cut down.
Thank you,