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25-11-08, 11:38
Hi everyone I searching for some info on the marriage of Karl Rudolf Ohrling and Olga Maria Laalo the only information I have on this couple is they lived in Finland and they had a son Veikko Olavi Ohrling born Oct 1924 Veikko apparently was a merchant seaman who jump ship and stayed in Australia we have been told that there are army records for Veikko as well this is my daughter in laws side of the family and she dosen't know anything about them so any help or information would be greatly appreciated

26-11-08, 19:44
Welcome to Finlander forum natae.
I checked HiSki and found one Olga Maria Laalo. She was born in S:t Petersburgs Finska Maria Församling.
Born / Christened 6.0.1885 13.10.1885
Village / Farm aus Mohla
Father Arbeiter Thomas Johans S. Laalo
Mother Maria Johans Tr. Pitkänen
Child Olga Maria
You can find HiSki at the Genealocial Society of Finland

27-11-08, 03:05
Thankyou Karinh

10-12-08, 13:40
Hi I checked the birth for Olga Maria Laalo 1885 but also found a death for the same girl 11 years later so this is not my lady as my lady married around 1924 as her son Veikko Ohrling was born in 1924 is there anywhere you can search that has later dates as the hiski site finishes around 1906 i think Olga was born around 1906 to 08 and can anyone tell me if there are records for merchant seaman thanks for any help or information

Karen Norwillo
11-12-08, 17:19
I also saw there is a Laalo farm in Nahkurila village in Kirvu. Unfortunately, the Hiski records don't go far enough into the present to find your years.

12-12-08, 00:30
Thanks Karen