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29-11-08, 13:16
Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well.

I know this is a long shot but it is always best to ask the question......you never know! ;)

I am trying to find out about my grandfather's childhood and I have a photo of him taken around 1917-1919 with his best friend. Now, I didn't know anything about his best friend until now. What are the chances of me finding out some more information about him? This is what I know:

Otto Tanni came from Estonia to Finland, I don' know when, but it must have been a bit before 1917. He apparently wanted to go to Finland and fight in the war. I know he died in Finland. Sadly, I don't know anything else.
I just found out though that he did die during war time so no chance of finding any living family. Would anyone know where I could find out some information about where he is buried maybe? Any memorial place? I dont know which side he would have fought on. Oh it's so sad. He was a handsome man. :(

He was around the same age as my grandfather and my grandfather was born in 1899 in Ulvila, Pori. I am attaching the photo of them both. My grandfather is the one standing.

Huge thanks for any advice.

Karen Norwillo
29-11-08, 17:04
From the Registry of War Dead 1914-1922, Otto Malakias Malakiannpoika Tanni born 28 Jan 1898 and died 4 Feb 1919 Tartto, Viro. Cause of death: sodan aiheuttama sairaus. Profession: telegrafisti. Age 21, birth: Lappi TL, census registration: Turun ja Porin lääni, burial: Ei Tietoa. Military organization: Viron retkikunta, way of recruitment: vapaaehtoinen.
I copied as found, you'll need to get a Finnish translation if needed.
This was the only Otto Tanni found.

Karen Norwillo
29-11-08, 18:09
I was able to do some translations. Tartto, Viro=Tartto, Estonia
The cause of death is loosely - war infection sickness. Probably infection from his wounds.
Viron retkikunta is Estonian Expedition and way of recruitment is free volunteer.
Also forgot his last place of registration was Ulvila.
The only thing I couldn't find was the burial meaning.

29-11-08, 18:43
All the burial says is "not known".

29-11-08, 18:44
Karen thank you so very much, this is definately him. No worries about translations, I am so lucky to have my äiti living just down the road to translate.
She told me that his place of burial is unknown sadly.

Mum and I could not work out what Lappi TL meant. Any ideas anyone?
Huge thanks again Karen, from over the pond it never ceases to amaze me what a wealth of info both you and Denise are!

29-11-08, 18:57

See the 5th paragraph down on this link: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lappi_(kunta) It is part of Rauma.

Lappi on Suomen kunta, joka sijaitsee Satakunnan maakunnassa, Länsi-Suomen läänissä. Kunnassa asuu 3 277 ihmistä ja sen pinta-ala on 212,78 km², josta 8,08 km² on vesistöjä. Suurin järvi on Narvijärvi. Väestötiheys on 16 asukasta neliökilometriä kohden.

Lapin naapurikunnat ovat Eura, Eurajoki, Laitila ja Rauma. Sieltä on matkaa valtatie 12:ta pitkin Raumalle 20 km ja Tampereelle 125 km. [5]

Lapin vaakunan on suunnitellut Gustaf von Numers ja se on vahvistettu vuonna 1951. [6]

Lappi erosi omaksi seurakunnakseen Eurajoesta vuoden 1630 paikkeilla.

Aikaisemmin kunta on käyttänyt nimeä "Lappi Tl" korostaen kuulumista entiseen Turun ja Porin lääniin erotuksena pohjoisen maakunnasta Lapista. Joskus tarkentava nimityksenä on käytetty myös ilmaisua "Rauman Lappi", koska Lapin kunta on Rauman itäpuolinen naapuripaikkakunta.

Lapin kunta on päättänyt liittyä Raumaan vuoden 2009 alussa.

29-11-08, 20:22
Thank you so much. Mystery solved.

02-12-08, 18:10
Please can anyone help me with something.
I am trying to find the address of any cemetary in the town of Ulvila. I have googled but not got anywhere. I am now trying to find out if Otto Tanni was buried in a cemetary in Ulvila or not.
Many thanks.

02-12-08, 18:30
Hi Ayla,

Type in Hautausmaantie 22, Ulvila, Finland into Google maps, I believ that the Cemeterie is there close to the Chapel

The web url to Ulvila parish is http://www.evl.fi/srk/ulvila/



02-12-08, 18:41
Thank you Lasse, I was hoping that there would be a satellite link for the photo but it is just the map. I think I need to write to the church directly to ask.

02-12-08, 18:59

Here is a view from a chopter, www.the-holms.org/chapelulvila.jpg

The pic is cropped from the chopterview on the maps by www.eniro.fi


02-12-08, 19:23
Wow Lasse....a man of many talents :))
How come you have just what I am looking for! :) Oh yes, we are related :)
I wish I could now go there and see if Otto is there or not. I am getting a little obssessed with this young man now. I can't explain it but I just need to find his grave and visit when I come to Finland. It is something I have to do.
Thx Lasse.

20-02-09, 19:43
I am back again with this thread, sorry!
Since I started this thread I have got nowhere. So I am trying again to ask , just in case I may be lucky and someone will know what I can do next.

I would like to find out where Otto Tanni is buried. The previous post gives the details. Is there someplace in Finland where I can find out where a soldier, who has died from his wounds, is buried? There must be a record of him as he went to fight as a volunteer and I have found a little information. Unfortunately, his place of burial is listed as 'unknown'. I am wondering and hoping that there is some place which will have records of this.
Here in London I would know where to go, not sure about Finland. Any ideas anyone please?
Huge thanks,