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Kaj Granlund
02-12-08, 16:41
I'm trying to follow up some Överfors children:
female: Johanna Överfors born 3 Jul 1876 in Esse, emigrated 1899 to USA. Her father's name was Alexander. Has anybody got any information about her destiny?
sister Lena Lovisa born 6 Sept 1881 that emigrated 1902. But where did she go and any information about her destiny?
brother Alfred born 6 jan 1873 emigrated 2 Jan 1893.
sister Ida born 13 Oct 1869 emigrated 1 oct 1891
brother Anders born 22 Jul 1867, emigr. 27 Sept 1891, married to Kajsa Lovisa Påvall born 13 Nov 1892

02-12-08, 18:17
There is a Andrew Overfors living in Negaunee Michigan in 1920 He is then 52 years old and born in Finland abt 1868. He is married to Anna C Overfors, Born in Finland abt 1868. They have the following children. Anna I Overfors 17, Ida J Overfors 15 ,and Tora Overfors 11
In 1930 it´s only Tora that still lives with her parents.


Jaska Sarell
02-12-08, 19:11
I have the following with reference to Släkt och Bygd #17 [must be article "Fragment av en släkt Stubb i Esse (forts.)" by Paul Andersson].

Anders b. 22.7.1867 d. 13.9.1946 in Michigan
- oo 1 Caisa Lovisa Påvall b. 13.11.1860 d. 5.7.1924 Esse (oä. son Anders Edvin Rundbacka b. 20.4.1896, d. 21.2.1918)
- oo 2 Anna Charlotta Mattsson b. 24.7.1867 Nedervetil d. 7.11.1935 Negaunee, Michigan
- children Anna 1.6.1902 - 19.4.1942 (oo Albert Johnsson from Oravais, children Betty, Robert and Maggie), Ida 15.1.1904 - 14.11.1931 (oo Walter Warme in Negaunee) and Tyra b. 9.11.1908 (oo Herold Ferdinand Heij b. 31.1.1904 Örebro, d. 19.2.1967 Marquette, Michigan). Children are listed from 2nd marriage (or I have copied that incorrectly?).

Ida Maria b. 13.10.1869, d. 25.12.1893 USA

Alfred b. 6.1.1873, married and children in USA, d. 1935

Johanna b. 3.7.1876
- oo in USA, Johan Rudnäs, b. Kronoby
- children Heddi with no DOB, Gunnar b. 14.9.1910 Pedersöre

Lena Lovisa b. 6.9.1881, no more info

Hopefully I copied that right.
Perhaps Finlander folks can find even more details after this input.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
02-12-08, 19:51
Yes, I know some of this family.

Anders: To America 1895 and returned to Finland 1897. During that time his wife Caisa had an illegitimate son Anders, b. 1896, 1928. Anders returned to America and became a Baptist. Had 3 children 2nd marriage. Had daughter married to Herold Heij from Sweden.

Lena Lovisa: Married Karl Viktor Carlsson Söderlund, b. 19 Aug 1876, Esse. Their daughter Ellen Eveira, b. 1903, Negaunee, MI, married 1925 to Russell Alger Jennings, b. 1903 in Negaunee. They had a son Kenneth, b. 1932 - I have met him and exchanged data with him. He lives in Michigan. I have his e-mail.

Alexander married twice and I also had contact with someone born of the second marriage. If you have Släkten Björklund från Jeussen, Kronoby - many of this Överfors family are in that book. If you want to contact Kenneth Jennings, above, let me know. He probably knows where some of the family members are. Kaj, I could send you a descendant's list of the descendants of Alexander if you'll send me your e-mail address.

02-12-08, 19:54
Michigan deaths 1971-1996 about Thora Heij
Birth date 9 nov 1908
death date 5 dec 1983
Gender female
Residence Ishpeming Marquette Michigan
Place of death Ishpeming Marquette michigan

Kaj Granlund
03-12-08, 13:20
Cool. That was interesting. He was never officially divorced from his first wife. And Jaska the children are from teh second marriage. Cause his first wife never left Finland.

Karen Norwillo
03-12-08, 20:39
I found a marriage for Annie Mattson and Anders Ofoerfors 22 June 1901 in Negaunee, Marquette, MI. Says her parents Matt Mattson and Anna Olson.
Also found a birth for an Edward Rudness 23 Aug 1900 in Negaunee City, Marquette, MI to Victor John Rudness and Anna Overfors. MI Births 1867-1902
Film #2363030 image #626. Edward Rudness died Feb 1966 in Escanaba, Delta, MI. The second page of the birth record isn't there, but the info is as found. Spellings as found.
Here's the 1920 and 1930 census images for Andrew and Anna in Negaunee.
Hope this helps,

June Pelo
03-12-08, 21:39
In the 1930 census, note that above the names of Andrew and Anna are Albert Johnson and Anna. I'm sure Anna is the daughter of Andrew and Anna. Albert was born ca 1895 in Oravais and his wife Anna was born 1 Jun 1902 in MI. They had 3 children. Andrew and Anna also had a daughter Ida who married to Walter Warme in Negaunee - no further data known about them.

I was given a birthdate for Andrew's wife - Anna Charlotta Mattsson, as 24 Jul 1867, Nedervetil. There's no record of her birth on that date, but there was an Anna Charlotta born in Nedervetil 13 Feb 1867 to Gustaf Abrahamsson Viitavesi and Anna Nilsdotter. Wonder if this Anna could be Andrew's wife? The names of her parents don't agree with what she claimed on her marriage record: Matts Mattsson and Anna Olson.

M. Waters
05-12-08, 14:42
Hej...I have most, if not all, of the data about the family of Överfors and Söderlund who came to Negaunee, and have interviewed many of the living members of those families. I don't have the time to include information now, but you may e-mail me privately. There are links to this group from the Peterson (Lillkung) family from Esse, for which I had asked help a few years ago, too. Midge in Negaunee.

June Pelo
05-12-08, 17:02
I've heard from Ken Jennings, who is related through the second marriage of Alexander Jonasson Överfors. He wrote:

I would be happy to help Kaj Granlund with the children of Alexander Jonasson. These are the children of his second wife. I can pass on some information on Anders, Alfred, Johanna and Lena Lovisa. There is a granddaughter of Anders that is still living in Negaunee.

Ken is getting ready to go to Florida for the winter, so if you want to contact him before he leaves, let me know and I can give his e-mail address.

29-01-12, 04:47
Karen, I am the only granddaughter of Edward V. Rudness (b. 23 Aug 1900, d. 2 Feb 1966) His parents had several boys and one daughter. I don't have my records at this computer, but would be happy to fill in some of them if you need.

Karen Norwillo
29-01-12, 16:49
It is Kaj, the starter of this query who is searching for info. I'm sure he would be happy to receive anything you have to share.

M. Waters
29-01-12, 17:49
Hi, This is Midge in Negaunee, Michigan, USA; where the Söderlund/Överfors clan came, several generations ago. Hans (whose wife is distantly related to me) in Södra Vallgrund, got me researching his family here, and I will gladly share the information I have gathered.

Midge Waters

29-01-12, 21:12
Kaj, I am the only grandchild of Edward Rudness, son of Victor John Rudness and Anna Overfors. I think it is the same person, although I have her birthdate listed as 4 Jul 1885. She married John Rudness in 1898. I would be happy to share what I have about their eight children with you.

30-01-12, 01:41
Thank you. I'm new to the Forum and am still figuring it out.