View Full Version : Vem var Bygdemåls-Kalle?

02-12-08, 22:11
Denna "Bygdemåls-Kalle" levde troligen i Nedervetil / Karleby -trakten i början av 1900-talet. Kan någon berätta mera om vem han var?

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June Pelo
03-12-08, 22:18
The picture is of Karl Johansson Pelo-Hansén, b. 2 Jul 1874 in Nedervetil, d. 6 May 1966, Nedervetil. He was the son of Johan Fredrik Gustavsson Pelo-Hansén and Sofia Johansdotter Herronen. He was known as Hansas Kalle. He never married and lived in Pelo village all his life. He wrote a book of stories about the village people, and it was reprinted in 1994. I'll try to attach an article about him and his book. Soli, he was your father's third cousin.