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03-12-08, 22:39

My uncle's wife is looking for information of these persons:

Eemil Toppari, Hilma (Toppari) Rossi and Hilda (Toppari) Swedberg were siblings. They moved to States with their parents. Eemil Toppari had at least two sons, John and Will.

Sister Hilma married John Rossi - their last known address was in Ashtabula, Ohio.
Hilma and John had a daughter, Virginia (Rossi) Buona. Virginia and her husband got a daughter Barbara Buona, born approx. 1947. Barbara has been corresponding with my uncle's wife many years ago and Virginia had translated their letters.

Also sister Hilda and her husband Alfred Swedberg lived in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Any information is appreciated,


Karen Norwillo
04-12-08, 15:23
Here's an Alfred Swedberg in Ashtabula in 1930, but his wife is Anna. I found alot of Swedbergs in MN.

Karen Norwillo
04-12-08, 15:43
Here's the Toppari family in Ashtabula in 1920 and 1930. I also found a passport application for a John Toppari from Ashtabula. I'm not sure what time frame I'm looking for. You don't give birth dates for the Toppari siblings. You'll see John and Emil Toppari are on the 1930 census. I have to redo the 1920, too small. Karen

04-12-08, 15:48
Thank you Karen,

Alfred Swedberg is mentioned to be from Sweden in the document you have attached, also wife Anna and the children are Swedish.

I assume that Hilda (from Finland) married another Alfred Swedberg - he could have been from Sweden, of course.

These Topparis have been "lost" for many years, I did not expect them to be found immediately. But it would be very nice :-)


P.S. I don't have the birth dates, that is the problem, I even don't know where in Finland they were from...

Karen Norwillo
04-12-08, 15:50
Here's the 1920 census. You'll see Hilda is still at home then, age 19. She probably married before 1930.
If you look at Emil's age of 44 in 1930, you can approximate his birth at 1886.

Karen Norwillo
06-12-08, 15:18
As you can see from the two census records, Emil or Mathias Emil married a Mathilda V ? The two sons were John E Toppari , born 7 Dec 1907 and died Oct 1981 in Erie, Erie, PA. William M Toppari born 25 Oct 1909 and died Jan 1985 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula,OH. SSDI and OH Death Records. William M enlisted in the Army in 1942 and is listed as married at that time. I found a death for a Hilma Toppari in 26 Jan 1939.OH Death Records. This must be the mother of Emil, Hilma and Hilda. I also found mention of two of the Toppari's in an article about the Bethany Lutheran Church in Ashtabula. They are listed under patrons, I believe it was a fundraising for the new church. Mr and Mrs William Toppari and Mr and Mrs M E Toppari. I also found a death record for the Hulda A Toppari that is listed on the 1920 census. She died 21 Feb 1929. From the OH Death Records.

Karen Norwillo
06-12-08, 15:41
A little info on the other two sons of John and Hilma Toppari. Anselm born 14 May 1896 in Ashtabula and died 9 Mar 1932 in Ashtabula. So he died young at 36. The son listed as Evald S was really Swen Edward born 30 Apr 1897 or 1898 and died 4 Apr 1979 in the Veterans Administration Hospital Dayton, Montgomery, OH. Says he was never married. SSDI gives 1898 as year, OH Death Records says 1897. Attached is Anselm's and Swen's WWI Draft Reg. Cards.

Karen Norwillo
06-12-08, 19:55
I hope this comes through. I just spent alot of time with a new post and it keeps telling me I'm not logged in, when I am. This is a test.

Karen Norwillo
06-12-08, 20:06
Since it went through, I'll retype all the info.
John Toppari, the father, born 6 Jul 1866 in Kauhava, Finland, died 11 Nov 1935 in Ashtabula. Address 1308 W 9th St, watchman and fireman. Spouse Hilma, father Sven Toppari. Burial Edgewood Cemetery.
Anselm Toppari buried same cemetery. Mother Hilma Kantola
Hulda Amalia Toppari 28 Dec 1904, died 21 Feb 1929, waitress Hotel Ashtabula, address 36 Cherry St, this was the early address of the family. Mother's maiden name wrong as Bontala.
Hilma Toppari, born Kauhava, Finland, age 73 Yrs, 6 mos, 19 days, address 1308 W 9th St, widow, father Matt Kantola.
Found a Hilda S Toppari 23 Oct 1912, died 3 Mar 1994 in Erie, PA. This is probably John Toppari's wife.
Also found an interesting item on a Betty Mae DeGroodt 19 Aug 1925, died 6 Jul 1926. Father Louis E DeGroodt, mother Hilda Toppari. Wonder if Hilda was married twice? All the family that died in Ashtabula are buried in Edgewood
I found on Hiski: Hilma born 7.7.1865 Kandola Farm, Kauhava to Matts Thomasson and Maria Eriksdotter.
Johannes born 6.7.1866 Toppar farm, Kauhava to Sven Esaias Johansson and Amalia Andersdotter.

Karen Norwillo
07-12-08, 01:04
Here's more info on both the Kantola and Toppari families in Kauhava. The Toppari farm was in Kauhava village, Kauhava parish. The Kantola farm was in Ylikylä village, Kauhava parish. I found Kantola in the 1880 household rolls.
Other children born to Matts Thomasson and Maria Eriksdotter
28.12.1856 Susanna Elisabeth
19.9.1859 Maria Katarina
5.4.1862 Hedvig
7.7.1865 Hilma
21.12.1867 Mathias
28.7.1871 Anshelm
15.4.1874 Serafina
11.7.1877 Hilda Emelia
Kantola talokas Matti Tuomaanpoika 30.12.1887 died. Born 1827

Other Toppari children
1.12.1871-13.1.1872 Sanna Vilhelmina
8.6.1873 Amalia
7.12.1875 Amanda
28.4.1878-23.10.1881 Anders Nikolai
23.10.1880-19.10.1881 Karl Gustaf, that's two children died in 4 days
17.11.1882 Sanna Liisa
1.5.1884 Anshelm

Karen Norwillo
08-12-08, 16:00
On Hiski, I found only the birth of Mathias Emil born 3.1.1886 to Juho Sveninpoika and Hilma Matintytär on Toppari farm, Kauhava. Did not find Hilma or Hilda. According to the 1920 census , Hilda was born in OH abt 1900-1901.
The Hilda Toppari listed as that Betty DeGroot's mother is from another family. There was another Toppari family in Ashtabula.
I found Emil and Mathilda and family in 1910, but not his parents and the rest of the family.

Karen Norwillo
09-12-08, 15:43
I looked closer into the Hilda DeGroodt and it does seem possible she was married to a Louis DeGroodt. As it seems she was probably born in OH, not Finland, it could very well be her. I found the DeGroodts in 1930 and Hilda was about 5 years older than her husband. I found both DeGroodt children listed on that census. Son, Luzerne Louis DeGroodt born 7 Dec 1923 and died 5 Sep 2007 in Chula Vista, CA. Shirley Louise DeGroodt Jones 27 Apr 1927, died 17 Sep 2007 in Ashtabula. Looks like Louis and Hilda would have married abt 1922, says she was 21, he 19. The other Toppari family in Ashtabula county did not have a daughter Hilda that I could see. So maybe she did marry twice. I couldn't find a death record under either name.

04-01-09, 22:40
Hi Karen,

and many thanks for the information you have found!

I will make a summary of these to my uncle's wife. It looks like she has forgotten some essential data concerning her Toppari relatives. She will be excited of these.

I also hope that someone from Ohio recognizes these people as his/her relatives and contacts me.

Sorry for my late reply and thanks again of your help!