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24-11-03, 01:38
I noticed that many have problems writing Scandinavian charachers. You can set up your Windows 2K and other versions of Microsoft windows to switch between Finnish and US keyboards as follows:
1. Add Finnish keyboard layout:
start --> settings --> regional settings --> input locales -->add --> input locale FINNISH --> keyboard layout Finnish.

check 'Enable indicator on taskbar

This will enable you to switch between US and Finnish keyboard by changing 'EN" to 'FI' on the taskbar
the characters are located as follows:



Hope it helps.

June Pelo
24-11-03, 19:06
Here is an easy way to type Scandinavian and foreign characters (umlauts) on a standard English keyboard:

Hold down Alt key and type the numbers using the the numeric keyboard (do not use the numbers at top of the keyboard). Be sure the Num Lock light is on. Here are some examples:

Alt 134
Alt 143
Alt 132
Alt 142
Alt 148
Alt 153
Alt 160
Alt 133
Alt 137
Alt 138
Alt 130
Alt 144
Alt 162
Alt 129
Alt 154
Alt 145
Alt 146


Gunnar Damstrm
25-11-03, 21:27
Even simpler- if you acquire a Microsoft Smart keyboard, you can togle between a Scandinavian keyboard and an American keyboard just by hitting Alt-Shift.

25-11-03, 22:58
If you are fortunate enough to use a Mac then you may enable both US and Finnish/Swedish keyboards at the same time and flip/flop between the definitions simply by pressing alt+command+space bar.

Mark V. Hillman
06-01-04, 17:53
Peter, June and Gunnar,

Thanks for the keybord tips! !!

I now can change my MS keyboard any way I want. I now, however, have less excuses for misspelling my Swedish and Finnish words....


06-01-04, 20:31
Dear Friends,

I also have troubles when I use different languages.

You gave me another piece of valuable advice.



10-08-05, 16:06
Thank you for the tips, now I can make my geneology site look so much better with the correct spellings.