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June Pelo
09-12-08, 21:41
Linus Torvalds from Finland topped a list of 10 people whose visions and innovation have transformed the technical world. Next on the list were Steve Wozniak who worked on the first Apple computer and Sir Thomas Berners-Lee, one of the brains behind World Wide Web.

EU-members from the richest countries live 14 years longer than residents in the poorest EU countries. A study finds a clear difference between East and West Europe. Finland is categorized as an eastern country where a Finnish man 50 years old will probably be healthy for the next 13 years. A 50-year-old man from Sweden is calculated to have 20 years of good health before him. The most healthy people over 73 years of age were in Denmark, while the people in Estonia are considered healthy up to age 59.

Österbotten residents are snuff-taking people. The illegal sale of snuff (snus) in Österbotten has been extensive in certain age groups.
27% of people 18-29 years use snuff;
21% of people 30-39 years use snuff;
Only 5-6% of people over 50 use snuff;
1-2% of women under 40 are snuff users.

When I was growing up nearly all my male relatives (except my father) used snus. I can remember them taking out their little round snus box and putting a pinch of it inside their cheek, lower lip or their nose. And almost every house had a spittoon. They were in the offices and lobbys of banks and other businesses. Ugh. :(