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11-12-08, 22:09
Hey everyone, my name is Rob Williams from Virginia (United States), and I am researching my ancestry from Porvoo, Finland. My grandfather was born there, and literally his entire ancestry (into the 1700, that is) resided there, except for him. I will be posting a few more in-depth inquiries on the other boards dedicated to my research, however. I figure this board is to just say hi, so...hello! :cool:

Hope everyone is doing well. While I dont speak finnish, and hardly any swedish, if anyone has any questions on Borga/Porvoo ancestry, I would be glad to answer them as best as I can...which probably isnt that great haha.

Later, everyone!


June Pelo
12-12-08, 00:50

Welcome to Finlander Forum. We have some members who speak all 3 languages: English, Swedish and Finnish. If you have a question, give some details and perhaps someone can help you since we have members living in the US, Sweden and Finland, as well as other countries, and they have access to all kinds of sources.

12-12-08, 16:17
Warm Welcome to you Rob.
Hold on tight, this will be one roller coaster ride of emotion and excitement.
Everyone here are so friendly, helpful and very very knowledgeable. They never cease to amaze me with all the information they are able to find.
Good luck and enjoy the ride.
;) :D
(London, Eng)

13-12-08, 00:44
Welcome Rob,

Just give us some details to start searching on, I'm from Porvoo/Borgå, I'm also the chairman of our local Genealogical Assiciation, we have lots of members that know Porvoo and surroundings.
Please visit our web site at www.bsbf.net


13-12-08, 04:06
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! You all are very kind, and I really appreciate it.

Lasse, thank you for the link, I had no idea a Borga related genealogical society existed! Man, im excited! My grandfather, August Wilhelm Bergström (born 22 Oct 1883 at Katrons farm, Söder-Vekkoski, Borga), and his extended ancestral family have a very strange history that I have been grasping to comprehend. The HisKi Database, Finlands Digital Archives, Finland's Family History Association, and Helsinki Universities' Digital Newspapers are GREAT general resources, yet being thousands of miles away, fully learning about the family history has been tough. I fully intend on cultivating a friendship with your organisation, that is for sure! :D

I am going to start a *long* write-up thread of what I currently know of my grandfather's family and their history. When I Finnish (what a bad pun, lol), I will post a link to the thread here.

Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone!

Rob Williams