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24-11-03, 12:57
Hi all

For some reasons the activity is slowly fading away on Finlander. I have looked through the logs and can see a trend of:

less new threads per day/week
less postings per day/week

At the same time I can see that people visit frequently which means that we have an interest in Finlander and genealogy. But - let us remember that a discussion forum is a place to discuss matters of common interest. As in ordinary life - it is quite impossible to have a fruitful discussion if everybody sits quiet and only listens...

Additionally really few members have presented themselves and their research!

Why are we so quiet?

I would think that most of us members of the Finlander aren't afraid of participating - that was why we joined a discussion forum. Seeing our own writing on-line isn't that dangerous either. But - is it so that there is nothing of common interest just now? Is everything sorted out?

Any suggestions? New ideas?

24-11-03, 18:01
Hi Hasse,
Karen Berg Douglas just sent me an email that she can't access Finlander to respond anymore. She can only come on as a "guest". I forwarded her note to you, but she mentioned that she has written you a couple of times without response. She was wondering if there's a glitch in the Finlander access process?

Comment: I have sent two emails to Karen explaining her situation. Evidently the email transport is still quite slow these days. The explanation, partly modified, is posted below. /Hasse

24-11-03, 21:26
The Finlander Forum - as almost all other discussion forums - keep track of their members using a "name" and a "password". When you register and become a member of Finlander you have registered a name (in my case "Hasse") and in combination a "password" which is only for personal use.

The Finlander Forum software can't see who are behind the keyboard or the screen of your computer. Neither it can see if you are using another computer today than yesterday. This is why there is a mechanism in use we call "cookies", ie. small bookmarks stored in your computer telling Finlander the next time you open the Finlander pages that "you-are-you" and not your neighbour. If these cookies cannot be found in the computer then Finlander cannot know who you are and you aren't logged in.

In this case you are browsing the Finlander as a guest. If the top right of the Finlander start page says "Welcome back xyz" with xyz depicting your chosen Finlander -name then you are logged in with your identity - if not then you are browsing the Finlander as a guest.

The Guest doesn't have rights to post any replies or new messages, he only has the right to read part of the forums.

Then - why does somebody find themselves being a guest?

the cookies have been cleared (depends on your workstation and browser)
you are on a different computer (without the cookies)
it is a long time since you visited Finlander and your workstation has cleared the cookies (there is a time limit after which the cookies are inactive)
you have logged out or somebody else did it on your computer

What must be done to get it right again

Simply: You have to tell Finlander who you are! - This is done by opening the start page of Finlander and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. In the far right corner you can find two fields, one for the user name and one for the corresponding password. Near these fields you can find the "Login!" button.

But if I cant remember the name I used to register with, nor the password?

If you have posted messages on the Finlander you can find your name even from the discussion Forum. If you have misplaced or forgot your password then there is a mechanism in the login procedure wher you may retrieve your password.

You shouldn't register a second time - since you already are registered.

If you end up having problems retrieving your password - drop me a line. (Hasse.Nygard %40 e-brev.nu - remove the blanks)

Carolyn Nelson
06-12-03, 23:55
Hasse: Actually I "met" Bert through the Finlander and have just sent him a message asking if he knows any of the people listed on my geneology that I am hoping to meet. (He lives in the same area and offered) Maybe I will also put in a request through Finlander. Thanks Carolyn Nelson

05-01-04, 00:28

I am exploring this site for only the second time because I received an e-mail from it. I am confused and not to sure how to go about using your site. Maybe others are like me and new to forums, posting and the research prcess in general. Is there a special place on your site for instructions?

Sharon Toledo OH USA

Jaska Sarell
05-01-04, 02:25
Hi Hasse and Finlanders,

[sounds like a name of a rock band ;-) ]

I joined the Finlander forum some time in September. While first browsing it irregularly, I tried to find what's going on by going inside different forums. Though I found many interesting threads, there seemed to be nothing to add to those conversations of the past.
Only in December I noticed the link View New Posts below welcoming message. After that it was easy enough.

Maybe someone else has encountered that "problem"?

:) Jaska

05-01-04, 04:46
Looks like I am not the only one having difficulty navigating the site and not quite knowing how to find items of interest or forums that are of interest to our ancestors.
sharon in Toledo OH USA

05-01-04, 18:14
Hi Sharon,
Like all new things, it may take a little time to get comfortable with the Forum. Hasse has set up a help screen that will provide some useful information. Try this link: http://finlander.eget.net/help/

As far as topics go, it seems the most "active" topics are related to culture. I've also seen many messages posted by people searching for information on their ancestors or descendants of certain ancestors.

Trying to think up topics of discussion can be challenging. I have received invaluable help while trying to research a military ancestor. I received a far greater education than I had expected. There are many knowledgeable people subscribed who are more than willing to help out.

Having the many different areas within the Forum is neat, too. From recipes, to web links of interest, to history and culture and of course, genealogy requests.

Play around with the site by clicking through the messages. You can do no harm. Enjoy! :)

05-01-04, 21:49
Hi, especially you all who "listen" without "talking"

It should not be difficult to be brave, when you do not have to be afraid.

Take part. The Finlanders are a nice lot of helpful people. Remember that there are no stupid questions and no stupid answers as long as they are polite.

If you look carefully at the posts you will see that there is not one mean or disparaging one. I don't doubt that our moderator Kevin will agree.

Do not be afraid that your English or Swedish is bad. Use "Swenglish" if it is easier. but if you ask for advice about the use of Swedish and English, you will get it for free!

As for the technical part: Play around and try different things. No harm can come neither to the Forum nor your computer, but you'll learn a lot about the Forum and it's people and of course about genealogy.

greetings to all

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 21:58
Well said, Sune! I've met so many nice and helpful people on this forum! I just don't know what I would do if the forum wasn't here.

June Pelo
05-01-04, 22:26
Every message written to Finlander is filed in the various forums. For example, in the Living Room there are 239 messages in Gen; 415 in Rel. Search Bd., etc. By clicking on each of them you can read every message and find out what has been written. If you prefer not to read the previous messages, click on "View New Posts" at the top right corner to read the new posts. Each day the new mail is posted there. If you read them every day, you will be kept current of what is being written. As someone has written, just experiment and click around to get an idea how to navigate through the various forums. I've been logging in every day, but sometimes I still get lost. :(


Roy Lager
06-01-04, 07:15
Perhaps fewer people are responding as this site seems to have grown with too many areas to look through and it does take time. The simplicity seems to have gone from the site. I came to it recently to look for TALKO and I now can't find it. Like so many things that become a success, the rapid growth leads to mix-ups, rather than doing things slowly. I do go to the site less and less now as there is just too much to browse through in order to find or see what is going on. Sorry.

Roy lager

06-01-04, 17:24
Originally posted by Roy Lager
I came to it recently to look for TALKO and I now can't find it...

Roy lager

The Forum seems to behave differently in different browsers.

I have found that when use Netscape 7.02 in my Macintosh the link to TALKO disappears when I browse to and fro and the URL changes so that it reads "finlander.eget.net/indexphp et.c." . When I delete the extra information after the "/" the link reappears.

You can also adress TALKO directly by writing "http://finlander.eget.net/angraf " in the URL window.


06-01-04, 17:53
Originally posted by sune
The Forum seems to behave differently in different browsers.

I have found that when use Netscape 7.02 in my Macintosh the link to TALKO disappears when I browse to and fro and the URL changes so that it reads "finlander.eget.net/indexphp et.c." . When I delete the extra information after the "/" the link reappears.

The only way I can figure out that this can happen if one has two opened windows with, for example, results of a search from Talko open at one time. The so called "frame" withing the "frameset" is given a specific and the browser can get mixed up if there are two frames with the same name open at the same time.

The page simply jumps out from the frameset.

Karen Douglas
06-01-04, 18:19
Hi, It may take a little time to get used to the Finlander Forum, but you won't find any nicer help anywhere if you run into a problem!
A little over a month ago I had trouble accessing the Forum as a member. One day I suddenly discovered I had gone from "member" to "guest" status, which meant I couldn't post. I was so frustrated - especially with myself! I have worked with computers for over 25 years and have generally been able to "fix" and/or "understand" a problem.
My cookies hadn't been cleared; I was on the same computer; I had not logged out (and no one uses this computer except me); and I had been visiting Finlander every day.
So, I emailed Haase - from the site. No reply. I thought that was rather strange. He had always answered my emails in a timely fashion before...
Undaunted - (call it Finnish "Sisu" or my Swedish "stubborness") - I decided to email Syrene Forsman to see if she was aware of any glitch in the system. She emailed right back, saying she was going to forward my emails to Haase, once again.
The next day, she emailed back to say Haase had, indeed, received my emails and had replied to them.
But, for some reason or other, they never reached me.
To make this long story a wee bit shorter, Haase emailed some possible remedies to my problem to Syrene, who then forwarded them on to me via email.
A trip to the MAC computer store and - success!
I had member status again!
I later found out that there was no glitch in the Finlander system - but in MY MacIntosh! (Dare I blame it on the "Jul Tomten" or the "Tonttu?") :-)
I guess the reason for this missive is to say that things change. The Forum can be challenging at times. And, "stuff" does happen - with browsers and computers.
But, please don't stop reading, writing or contributing.
There are some great folks on this site who have taken the time to walk and talk many of us through to a solution. When it comes to genealogy, can we ask for anything more? Karen Douglas

June Pelo
06-01-04, 18:32

That was an interesting mail and I'm glad your glitches have been fixed and you're back with us again.