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11-12-08, 23:41
Professor Bengt Holmström was named the 2008 recipient of The Finland Society's Finnish Expatriate of the year. Known internationally for his research into corporate governance, he has received several honorary doctorates, and is currently Professor of Economics at MIT. His bio indicates he studied at the Univeristy of Vasa, Finland, among Stanford, etc.

His name certainly sounds like a Swedish-speaking Finn. Any one know more about him?

June Pelo
12-12-08, 00:55

I have a Bengt Holmström, b. 10 Jul 1957 in Nedervetil, married to Inga-Britt Hägg from Karleby. They had 2 children: Linda and Magnus. Don't know if he is the same person, because I have no further info. about him.

Jaska Sarell
12-12-08, 00:58

Nothing about Vasa.

:) Jaska

12-12-08, 04:20
Thanks for your input. I have also written to him, and may get some kind of response. I like the idea that he might be from Nedervetil. I think the SFHS Quarterly should recognize his award if in fact he has some Swedish-speaking in his Finnishness. When I searched the Huvudstadsbladet for his name, he's associated with an up and coming Marimekko artist/director, but it seems he spoke Finnish when mentoring the gentleman.

Well, I'll wait and see.
Thanks again!