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14-12-08, 18:56
Hi Everyone,

I am writing to kindly ask if anyone would know of any fiction or non fiction books which can help me learn more about life in the Pori area during the years of about 1860-1920.
In English if possible.

I have photos of my great grandparents and their siblings, even of some of their homes etc, but now I would love to find out about what life was really like for them. How they lived, customs, food, clothes etc. Especially marriage issues, children out of wedlock, what happens when one goes to prison :D
oh yes, I have it all in my family! :D

I really dont mind fiction or non fiction but I would love to read up about it and just get an understanding about what life was life in that area of Finland back then.

Huge thanks


14-12-08, 22:01
Try to contact the library in Pori http://www.pori.fi/kirjasto/
or the local genealogical society http://suvut.genealogia.fi/satasuku/
Christina Nordback

14-12-08, 22:35
You can also try this page


16-12-08, 16:57
Many thanks for the links, I will have a read and maybe write to them.
Also, I have heard of a book called 'Nikolai's Fortune' by Solveig Torvik.
Has anyone here read that by any chance? I am thinking of ordering it.

Minna C
21-01-10, 13:49
There is Satakunnan Museo, the local museum in Pori, where they have displays, etc. Maybe some on-line information. There are also some other museums in the local area - check out www.maisa.fi/ for links- they have web pages in English

There are books bout the local area in the local bookshop (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa), but these are quite expensive, and are mainly collections of photographs.

You might be able to buy books online via www.akateeminenkirjakauppa.fi/