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16-12-08, 01:31

I have a old Borgåbladet (a newspaper in Borgå) article about my great grandfather and his family. Could someone please help me translate it? I am more than willing to pay you for the help, as paying a kind genealogist here is much easier than finding a swedish speaker in Virginia (United States). I have used google translation services in conjuction with a swedish/english dictionary, but I still get a rather choppy and un-reliable translation. There are just too many words that I cannot actually translate. Someone told me there is some "old swedish", which has hints of Latin in here, along with Finnish words too. What is "boets", for example?

Contectually, this article is a followup on my great grandfather's (August Bergström) crime of counterfitting 18000 markka worth of loan notices, which came to a head in 1883, forcing him to flee to America for 3 years, with my grandfather still in the womb. This 1884 article mentions my great grandmother (his wife), Johanna Sofia Andersdotter, which is interesting. Is she trying to claim she knew nothing of her husband's crime? 120 years later, piecing together this mystery is facinating for me, but very difficult because I am a non-swedish speaker (I am trying to learn, however!)

I am nervous posting this, as I dont want any of the Finnish people here to dislike me. I cant really help what people so far distant to me did over a century ago. Heck, the last person in my family to know the man at all died over 20 years ago. But being the genealogist of the family, I feel it is my duty to document what he did, regardless of what it is, you know?

The forum here wont let me upload my copy of the article, but I will tell you how to find the original in a second. Here is a attempt at a word-for-word transcribing of the article by me. It might not be perfect...the old Swedish/Latin-ish script is hard to understand.

Med anledning af bondehustrun Johanna Sofia Andersdotter, från Söderveckkoski by uti denne Borgå socken, till mig i dag ingisna skristliga ansökan att, fåvida hennes numera orten asvikne man bonden August Bergström vid utöfvandet as fitt målsmannaskap vanvårdat boets angelägenheter och belastat detsamma med onyttig gäld, få tillgodonjuta den i lag förunnade rätt till boskilnad och fålunda undanskista ej mindre fin gistorätt i boets lösöretillgånger än henne enskildt tillhöriga halsva Kattron skattehemman i berörde by, varder August Bergström härigenom kallad till det härstädes den tionde (10) nästkommande Juni kl. XI f. m. skeende urtimating, för att asgisva yttrande ösver sin hustrus förberörda anspråk, vid det äsventyr att hans uteblisvande icke utgör hinder för sakens vidare pröfning. Lingsstället invid Borgå stad, den 26 April 1884. Bå Domareembetets vägnar: 1401(3 1) J. C. Hällfors.

This article is found in the Borgåbladet in 1884. The Finnish National Library's digital collection is being a bit finnicky at the moment, so I cannot link you to the original article (I should have written down the date of the article...stupid me). I can send you the PDF of it, however. Again, I am more than happy to pay someone to translate this article, and a few others I have from the same time period. Thank you all for the help!

Rob Williams

16-12-08, 10:22

If you have the orginal in a pdf, please send it to my email.

The text here in your message looks like old swedish, and contains some difficult words, but I'll try to figure them out and make a readable english version.


send to lasse * the-holms.org

Karen Norwillo
16-12-08, 17:27
Don't be nervous about your request. We all have "skeletons" in the closet somewhere. My own great-grandfather spent time in prison in Stockholm for a business fraud. I would love to know exactly what he did, but so far the archives there only was able to tell me he spent time before deserting his family and emigrating to America. My grandfather must have made peace with him at some time, as he joined him when he was in his early 20's. Karen

20-12-08, 01:56
Thanks for the kind words, Karen. And Lasse, thank you for your help via email!

I appreciate it everyone!

Rob Williams