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Ingemar Ekman
16-12-08, 18:13
I am sending this for Margit (Maggie) Holmberg. I suggested her to be a member in Finlander and she joined yesterday as member.
She asked me for help to write this but she understands and reading English.

Maggie´s grandmother Hulda Elisa Marsea Pettersson born 7.7.1883 in Vårdö, Åland, daughter to Karl Johan Pettersson och Josefina Davidsdotter.
Hulda died in USA 1920? She emigrated 1913 and was probably married in USA.

Relatives/friends to Hulda emigrated also to USA, maybe they where settled in same area:

Nanny Mathilda Carlson born 20 Jan 1878 in Ytternäs Jomala. Emigrated 16.9 1899 but returned 1953 till Åland, died 1978 in Åland. Her SSN 045-26-9893 was issued in Connecticut.

Ernst Algot Karlsson born 24.11.1886 in Ytternäs Jomala, emigrated 30.5.1903 to USA.

Frans Nestor Karlsson born 04.07.1880 in Ytternäs Jomala, emigrated also 1913 to USA

Maggie is looking forward to get information about her families in USA, especially any descendants to her grandmother Hulda.
She and her husband planning for a trip to New York later this month.

Thank you in advance,
Merry Christmas from Maggie.
/ Ingemar

Ingemar Ekman
17-12-08, 18:42
I checked the passengers records at Ellis island and found 2 possible hits

First Name: Nanny N.
Last Name: Karlson
Ethnicity: Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Mariehamn
Date of Arrival: Oct 06, 1899
Age at Arrival: 21y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Servia
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0006

She is going to a friend Julanda Anderson in New York.

First Name: Ernst A.
Last Name: Karlson
Ethnicity: Sweden Scandinavian
Last Place of Residence: Norrtega Isalann
Date of Arrival: Jul 30, 1905
Age at Arrival: 18y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Umbria
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0004

Last place of residence was Norrtelje (pretty close to Åland) and he went
to his uncle Johan Karlson in New York.

Maggie, Do you think it corresponds with your relatives?

I did not find Hulda or Frans Nestor in Ellis islands records, but it seems I have limited privileges to search.

/ Ingemar

Margit Holmberg
17-12-08, 23:24
Hej Ingmar!
jag vet ej om dessa var bekanta med Hulda och den här Nanny är ju inte samma som du fick uppgifter om av Eva.
Hälsningar Maggi

Karen Norwillo
18-12-08, 20:09
I found an Ernst Karlson 19 going to an aunt Sofia Johanson in Berthnd, Colorado in 1903. Arrived 28 Mar 1903 "Campania" from Liverpool. Says Swedish.
Also found a Frans Karlson arriving 9 Apr 1908, not 1913 going to a W Petterson in NYC. He's 28, says has brother H Karlsson in Helsinfors. Only Frans Karlson in 1913 has middle initial O.
Attached is Nanny Karlson's 1899 manifest and the 1908 for Frans. I wasn't able to copy the 1903 for Ernst from Ellis Island. The others are from Ancestry.

Karen Norwillo
19-12-08, 17:04
Checking the original dates given in your post, it appears Ernst and Frans were brothers, both born to Karl August Henriksson and Maria Elisabeth Abrahamsdotter. Nanny was born to August Henriksson and Maria Henriksdotter. Hiski has Hulda as Hulda Elida Marsea. All from Alands, Hulda in Vårdö, others in Ytternäs.

Ingemar Ekman
19-12-08, 22:13
Hi Karen,
Thank you very much for the 3 pictures of the records. I am pretty sure it is correct Nanny. It is possible that Frans used his second name Nestor. I plan to check at the archive in Mariehamn if Frans had a brother H. Karlson in Helsingfors and also if they had an uncle Johan Karlson in USA as stated for an Ernst A when he arrived 1905. I know that Maggie now is on her way to New York but she plans to read messages in Finlander while she is in USA.
Best regards,

Karen Norwillo
20-12-08, 17:02
In doing further checking on the Ernst A Karlson in 1903, it seems his middle name was Albin, so it wasn't the correct one. The one in 1905 may be. I did check under Nestor, but didn't find him. I also entered just the dates of birth for Frans and Ernst into the SSDI, but no hits. Karen

Ingemar Ekman
21-01-09, 18:48
Hi Maggie,
I was last Saturday to the archive in Mariehamn and took some notes of your family from different records. A summary from the communion books and
the Estate of Inventory document after the mother that died 28/6 1916:

The sailor´s widow Maria Elisabeth Abrahamsdotter Henriksson born 17/2 1847 in Hiitis died 28/6 1916 in Ytternäs Jomala and left behind her 2 daughters in North America:
Nanny Mathilda Karlsson born 20/1 1878 and
Verna Kristina Karlsson born 4/7 1887 married to the carpenter Frans Wilhelm Boman b 8/10 1888 in Eckerö Åland and their 2 children Hjordis Elisabeth b 6/5 1913 in New York and Halldis Wilhelmina b 13/1 1926 in Jomala Åland (the family had moved back to Åland)

Maria Elisabeth Abrahamsdotter Henriksson left also behind the children:
Frans Nestor b 4/7 1880, Arthur John b 17/6 1882, Karl Lennart b 26/1 1873and August Edvard Karlsson b 1868?
Frans Nestor, Karl Lennart and August Edvard were present when the estate of the inventory was performed 1916 in Ytternäs Jomala.

Maria Elisabeth´s husband died 1888.
The son Ernst Algot died in beginning of 1900s.

Best Regards,

Ingemar Ekman
31-01-09, 12:50
I found in the death records in Åland that Hulda Elisa Marsea Pettersson
died in childbirth 7 July 1920 in Cleveland Ohio and she was recorded as unmarried.

Is it possible to find any more information in Cleveland Ohio ?

Thank you

Karen Norwillo
31-01-09, 16:47
I looked at the death certificate of that Hulda A Peterson who died 7 Jul 1920 in Cleveland. She was married and she did not die in childbirth. I have saved the image. In case it doesn't come through good, it says
Hulda A Peterson 13610 Glenside Ave Cleveland, female, white, married, husband Carl W Peterson. Age 35 yrs 7 mos 27 days, born Oct 10, 1884 in Sweden, housewife, cause of death mitral Insufficiency, contributing pulmonary tuberculosis. Date of death July 7, 1920. Burial Garritsville, OH
GSU film# 1991303
Digital GSU#4022205
Image 53
Ref# fn46946
This is from Family Search LDS
This is the only Hulda Peterson found on that day in the OH Death Index.

Ingemar Ekman
01-02-09, 20:44
Thank you Karen,
We do not think Hulda A Peterson is the correct person. Hulda was a common name.
Is it possible to search for Marsea or Elisa Peterson (with different spelling ) that died
in Cleveland Ohio.
Best regards,

Karen Norwillo
01-02-09, 22:44
I searched using all possible spellings and name combinations. No other choice was found. I didn't think that Hulda A was yours, but it matched dates perfectly. It is the only one found on the OH Death Index. Karen

Ingemar Ekman
03-02-09, 10:30
Thank you Karen,
Hulda Elisa Marsea was born 7 July 1883, maybe the vicar in the death record in Finström Åland recorded her death date as 7 July 1920 as an estimated date? Ingemar