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19-12-08, 23:29
Hello, I am looking for the decendants of August Isaksson Bergström (born 5 July 1842, died 12 Nov 1926) and his wife, Johanna Sofia Andersdotter Bergström (born 10 Nov 1839, died around 1902). They had the following adult children-

Karl August (born 10 Nov 1863)
Anna Josefina (born 26 Nov 1874)
Johanna Augusta (born 11 Feb 1878)
Mathilda Sofia (born 30 May 1881)
August Wilhelm (born 22 Oct 1883, my relation)

The family was raised at the Kattrons farm, in Söder-Vekkoski, Borgå, Finland. While I have traced the family back to the early 1700s, my records terminate at the beginning of the 20th century. I know that Karl August married Sofia Charlotta Granfelt, and had a child named Karl Henning (born 26 July 1898). I think that Anna Josefina married a Johan Edward Seger, too. Other than that, all I can say is that Karl August died after 1926, and in 1947 two of the three sisters were still alive, as August Wilhelm's obituary mentions them. The name Bergström was taken by August Isaksson in the early 1870s, would have only survived through his grandson Karl Henning...I figure that the three girls would have taken other last names upon marriage. My relation, August Wilhelm, went to America and flipped the name to Stromberg.

Here are pictures of the children and their mother. The upper left must be Karl August, and the bottom right is most likely their mother Johanna Sofia Andersdotter. I also think that, due to the crispness of the picture, that the bottom middle might be the youngest daughter, Mathilda Sofia.

Anyway, thanks for looking!

Rob Williams

17-01-09, 17:37
Here are pictures of August Isaksson Bergström and his youngest son, my relation, August Wilhelm Bergström (Stromberg). Taken in Milaca, Minnesota, USA, the picture of August Isaksson was taken in 1910, at the age of 65. August Wilhelm's picture was also taken in Milaca, most likely around 1905, when he was in his early 20s.