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20-12-08, 02:18
Hello again, everyone. I have a few interesting and strange comments I found in Swedish when investigating my family roots, and I am wondering what they really mean.

These two are husband and wife. I think the man murdered his wife and was hung for it, but I cant read Swedish (I only have a Swedish-English dictionary), do I dont know for sure. Could someone clearify for me?

His states- "för han om lifvet bragt sin h:u Gretha Mattsdr. mist högra handen, halshuggen och steglad"
And her's states - "ihjälslagen af sin man".

Here is another. She was the wife of a minor nobleman who had died 7 years prior, and given the nobility to their son. I think it means she was hung from a tree... but could someone clearify what this means?

"Fanns d. 12. Oct. 1818 hängd i ett träd på Näsebacka "

Anyway, thank you for the help, everyone!

Rob Williams

27-12-08, 23:03
Found (date/death) 12th of October 1818 hanged in a tree on (a place called) Näsebacka?


28-12-08, 03:39

Is this Näsebacka a place in Porvoo/Borgå?

The question is because the Näse manor once belonged to our family.


30-12-08, 18:53
Thanks for the help, Solja!

Lasse, while I dont know for sure, I would assume it was the Näsebacka farm in Porvoo...I think there is another Näsebacka in Finland, but it is hundreds of miles away in northwestern Finland. Since she lived in the Nissas farm over in Tjusterby, it would make more sense she was hung nearbye, and not so far away. According to the HisKi record, she was found dead on the 12 of October, and she wasn't buried for over 2 months.

Here is a link to the HisKi database entry for her death-


And here is the link to her communion record at the SSHY/FFHA- (it mentions her death)


Anyway, it is all a big mystery to me. I really wonder what she did. Was it suicide? Was she hung for a crime? And Lasse, I appologise if she, (my great great great grandmother) did something bad to one of your ancestors.

Rob Williams

30-12-08, 19:56
Anyway, it is all a big mystery to me. I really wonder what she did. Was it suicide? Was she hung for a crime? And Lasse, I appologise if she, (my great great great grandmother) did something bad to one of your ancestors.


No problem, it's not anyone of my ancestors, but could maybe be someone of the hired folks, or even have nothing at all to do with Näse Manor.
Näse Manor was owned by my ancestor from late 1700 to the middle of 1800.


Karen Norwillo
30-12-08, 21:56
With my limited knowledge of Swedish and my dictionary, could it mean she was suffocated or asphixiated, maybe strangled, by her husband? "af sin man" is "by her man" and ihjälosed means "suffocated or asphixiated. So he maybe he was hung for murdering her. Just a thought. Karen

30-12-08, 22:27

"Ihjälslagen av sin man" means, that her husbond have killed her by hitting her.

It's a bit confusing, because it's also told that he (the man) had been "halshuggen", don't know the right word, but think of the french giljotine, head cut off. It's also told that his missing an arm, and that he was found hang by the neck in the Näse woods.


31-12-08, 20:21
Wow, this is getting more explicit as it goes.

I'm sorry, but it is fascinating.

Karen Norwillo
31-12-08, 21:08
I'm abit confused. Are these two separate incidents, not people who are related? Following the site to Hiski, the second person was a Catharina Johansdotter and, If I'm correct, she was a widow when she died, Lb.enk.
That's why I couldn't figure out how she was killed by her man.
The first one says his wife was Gretha Mattsdotter. Did he kill his wife and then was hung or ? Kind of hard to be hung if you were decapitated. As above, creepy fascination.

31-12-08, 21:21
If you hang long enough, you'll decapitate yourself, or the birds will help.

01-01-09, 20:25
Thank you everyone for the help! It is totally wierd but as Kivinen said, it is quite facinating!

I am sorry for the ambiguity in the original message. The Caisa/Catharina Johansdotter Nasebacka hanging incident (the lady from the HisKi and communion record referenced in my last post) is completely different from the Johan Henriksson murdering Gretha Mattsdotter incident. Caisa/Catharina was a widow, her husband Anders Andersson died 7 years prior.

As for Johan Henriksson and Gretha Mattsdotter (husband and wife), I am just as confused as all of you. What really happened? It seems she was killed by her man, but what did he do? Hit her hard? Was he hung for it? Anyway, here are the HisKi links to Johan and Gretha's burial records, respectively-

Johan Henriksson -

Gretha Mattsdotter -

It is VERY strange...but I think Caisa Johansdotter and Gretha/Johan's deaths are how my great great grandfather and mother met. Isak Andersson (son of Caisa Johansdotter) wed Kristina Johansdotter (daughter of Johan/Gretha) in 1825. They had something in common...both of them had a parent who was hung/murdered! How very creepy! Talk about a strange icebreaker lol.

Anyway, thanks for the help, everyone! I really appreciate it!