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28-12-08, 22:40
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, now we wait for a new year to begin.
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and may all your dreams come true in 2009, health and happiness to you all.

Now onto business. :)
Please can you tell me if Väänänen is a common surname in Finland or not so?
I have the name of a second cousin and I would dearly love to find him. I know his first name of course but I am not writing it here as he is still alive. I know where he used to work, but no luck there either so I suspect he has retired.

Is anyone available to do an address look up for me please? I can give you his first name in a private message. I thought my best bet would be to send a letter in the post to all the people with this name. (I was very lucky the last time I did this when I was looking for my Paloheimo families :) )

Many thanks


29-12-08, 04:24
My great grandmothers maiden name was Väänänen. According to a Finnish web siste there are 9525 people past and present with that name. Some 3649 men and 5876 women. Good luck.

29-12-08, 13:11
Oh dear, that is rather a lot isn't it. :(
Hopefully there won't be that many once I give the first name of my second cousin also.
Thank you for the info. If anyone can still help me with an address look up in Finland that would be great. I hope I can narrow this down with his first name. Fingers crossed.

30-12-08, 02:24

Perhaps if you tolds us a city or town or region this could narrow down without you having to give out the first name.

I must say that I'm not exactly understanding why you would be concerned to list a first and last name.

That sort of information is not private, and you will quite often see these sorts of requests for information in the newspapers all over the upper mid-west in this country, and I've seen the same kind of requests in the newspapers in Finland.

30-12-08, 12:31
Hi! Thank you for writing.
I am just being over cautious because when I first started out my searching a while ago I posted some info about a living relative and got told off. I had no experience back then :o so I was just being careful now.

OK, so here goes. I am looking for my second cousin Kari Väänänen.
He is somewhere in Finland. He is probably retired now but he used to work for Finnish TV/Radio as a journalist.
He is not the actor with the same name. ;) That would be far too easy. The actor has thousands of hits on Google.

I don't have a date of birth for him but I estimate he could be in his late sixties or 70's. I heard that he was the sole survivor of a horrific car crash that killed his parents and siblings. I stress that I heard this from another second cousin, so Im not sure how true it is. I am hoping that he married and had a family who are living in Finland.

So I thought that if anyone could pm me with an address for a Kari Väänänen then I could pop him a letter in the post. I found a few on Facebook and sent a message via there but had no reply, those Karis looked too young anyway but I was hoping they would be grandsons. So I am back to the letter writing.

He is the last branch of my grandfather's family I am trying to find and the only name I have.
Thank you for the advice. ;)

30-12-08, 20:04

Have a look at this link, could this Väänänen be for example a son of your Väänänen?

http://yle.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/2008/03/vilen_ja_vaananen_ylen_kirjeenvaihtajiksi_285247.h tml


30-12-08, 20:30
Ohh yes, this could very well be a good example of a son of my Väänänen.
But my Finnish being very poor......and I cant get my mum to read it until tomorrow to translate it for me.....any way I can get hold of this man?
Thanks Lasse!

P.S. I have now 508 names in my database for you of my family :)) and it is growing daily! Anyone wanting an extension to the Nakkila Branders then I'm the woman you want! :) That's my grandmother's family.

30-12-08, 20:49

The article only tell that reporter Petteri Väänänen has been appointed to be the reporter for YLE in the Scandinavian area. This was sometime in March 2008.

I would gess one way to get hold of him could be to test if firstname.surname*yle.fi happens to work. In the surname use a's instead of those with doubledots above.


30-12-08, 21:22
good idea, I will try and see if that works.

In the meantime, if anyone can check the phone/address books for an address for a Kari Väänänen then that would be great.


31-12-08, 00:58
Nope, it's not him Lasse. I wrote a short, very polite email and apologised for bothering him but please could he help etc etc.
He wrote a rude one back telling me not to write. Nothing else, just those few words.

I'm quite sad about it really but I guess I need to move on and look somewhere else. :(

Back to plan A and the addresses. I may have more luck there. If anyone can find me any postal addresses for a Kari Väänänen in Finland, then if you can please pm me I would most appreciate it. I couldnt face another abrupt email rejection.
Oh Im such a sensitive soul!

31-12-08, 01:25
OK...a possible lead!

If anyone can find me an address for any Kari Väänänens living in Kontiolahti, Joensuu then pleeeeeeeeeeeease can you pm me!
I think he could be living there! It's a lead I must follow through with!

Many thanks!


04-01-09, 06:14

Not that this is at all connected, but over at Suks Forum, there is this thread:


04-01-09, 14:35
Many thanks Ilmari, everything is important until it can be discounted and crossed off the list. Thing is, I don't understand most of it :( and I can't get hold of my mum to translate it for me.
Sigh, I wished I had listened more when I went to Finnish school as a child :(