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29-12-08, 01:44
Please can anyone help me with, hopefully, a quick search in the USA.

I am looking for the following :

Frans Wilhelm Hansson Brander b. 2 Sept 1877 Pori
married to
Edla Josefina Brander b. 22 Oct 1877 Nakkila

Children :

Všino Wilhelm Brander b. 2 March 1899 Pori
Yrjo Nikolai Brander b. 17 Jan 1901 Pori
Arvo Artturi Brander b. 1 May 1903 Pori
Uuno Eevertti Brander b. 12 July 1905 Pori

Also, another brother I am looking for, (whom I think went alone to the USA and maybe at a different time to his brother and family) is Karl Fredrik Hansson Brander b. 20 July 1883 Pori

Apparently, this whole family moved to the USA, I don't know when but I am assuming it was while the children were young. They are my great grandfather's brother's family.
Would love to know where in the USA they settled.

Many thanks,


Karen Norwillo
29-12-08, 16:27
Here's the family of Frans Wilhelm. I found his arrival in 1907 and the rest of the family joined him in 1909. They settled in Duluth, St Louis, MN. Some died there, others in San Mateo, CA. Attached are census, miltary and death records. I'll have to do in several posts due to size. They have Edla's name as Tina, but she may have used Fina. Karen

Karen Norwillo
29-12-08, 16:38
More attachments. I found a Karl Brander arrival in 1902 and a Charles Brander in the 1930 census. Not sure if the right one. Also found a WWI Draft Card, but DOB is June 20, 1883, not July.

SSDI, CA Death Index and MN Death Index
Frans W Brander f. Brander 2 Sep 1877-15 Mar 1857 San Mateo, CA
Mrs. Edla Josephine Brander 14 Dec 1939 St Louis Cty, MN rec#014055 1939 826846
Waino Brander 2 Mar 1899-Dec 1977 San Mateo, CA (SS in MN)
George (Yrjo) Brander 17 Jul 1901-May 1983 Duluth, St Louis, MN
Arthur (Arvo) Brander 1 May 1903-Jul 1967 Duluth, St Louis, MN

29-12-08, 18:06
WONDERFUL Karen, thank you so so much.
I have lots to get my teeth into now. It's always so exciting when you stumble upon new info. I only recently found out my great grandfather had a twin brother so you can imagine my excitement at hoping to find more relatives out there that look like me! :))))

Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true in 2009.


Karen Norwillo
29-12-08, 19:49
More Brander info
Duluth, St Louis, MN Deaths 1925-1949 Brander, Edla Josephine 12/14/1939 Fairbanks Twsp
Brander, Edward Uno 8/1/1942 Ault Twsp
Other Branders, Henry R, John P
Brander, Arthur A 7/23/1967 Midway Twsp
other Branders, Hannah, Lawrence, Matthew, Raymond Wayne, Violet. Don't know if these are from the same family.
Brander George Nicholas 5/14/1983
Other Branders, Alice, Arlene Jane, Einer W, Lillian, Lois Marjorie, Robert A and Walter.
Here's a 1930 census for Edward Brander and his family. Includes brother George (Yrjo) Also Frank and Josephine, alone, in 1930. Josephine died in 1939 and Frans must have gone to CA at some point after that. Karen

Karen Norwillo
29-12-08, 22:59
I found more info on the Branders. There are obits available from the Cleveland Lbrary for Karl and Aina Brander.
From the Cleveland Necrology File
ID#0436739 Brander, Karl Reel#095 Mar 19,1960
Cleveland Press
Brander, Karl, late resident 2173 W 41 St, beloved husband of the late Aina. Friends received at the Louis A Bodnar & Son Funeral Chapel 3929 Lorain Ave where services will be held Mon Mar 21 at 2pm. Interment West Park Cemetery. From the OH Death Index, he died Mar 15. The above date is when it was in the paper.
ID#0035538 Reel#009 Cleveland Press July 1, 1947
Brander, Aina, beloved wife of Karl, sister of Jalmar Lumme, Axel Suometsa and Tilda Koistinen of Finland. Died June 29, same chapel as Karl, services Wed Jul 2 at 2pm.
You can get full obits at this address. Microform.Center*cpl.org for 3 or less obits. Doesn't say anything abt a fee.
Here are some more attachments. You'll see the Lillian Brander who died 1975-1999 was Edward's wife. Also, on the 1930 image, George (Yrjo) is with Edward and is divorced. Has son George with him. WWI Draft Card for Charles Brander give Frank W Brander as closest kin. In 1920 Charley, Charles, Karl is in MI, single. In 1930, he is married and in OH. Karen

Karen Norwillo
30-12-08, 04:26
I sent you a PM.
Also, Edward Brander 31 May 1932-2 Jun 1974 Lake County, MN was the son of Edward Uno Brander and Lillian Alice Niemi.
George Norman Brander, son of Yrjo, (George Brander) 16 Feb 1925 MN-17 Jan 1979 in San Mateo, CA.
Arthur Arvo Brander married Lois Walker.
The rest are living and I will send vis email for privacy.

27-04-09, 20:27
Hi Karen,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and information, without you I really could not have done this. You are a wealth of information and an absolute star!
I have found the Brander families I was looking for finally. In California!
I am now in touch with 3rd cousins and we are swopping information, filling in gaps, finding out some family gossip and looking at family likenesses in photos.
Wonderful stuff!
These are my great grandfather's brother's grandchildren and great grandchildren I am in touch with now.

Loving this family research!

michelle jeter
24-06-16, 01:30
New to finlander. looking for pictures of Arvo and Frans Brander
Michelle Jeter