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Riitta Roitto
29-12-08, 22:51
Changes to the HisKi search database 20081228

0065 Haukipudas
ADDITION: moved (out) 1880-1893

0085 Helsingin saksalainen srk - Helsingfors tyska förs
ADDITION: buried 1858-1930

0165 Kannus
ADDITION: vihityt 1856-1899

0197 Keuruu
ADDITION: christened 1850-1869,1851-1908(vier.srk)

0284 Laukaa
ADDITION: buried 1804-1808

0320 Maksamaa - Maxmo
ADDITION: married 1723-1749(tilit), buried 1724-1734(tilit),
moved (in) 1787-1806, moved (out) 1787-1806

0338 Munsala
ADDITION: buried 1871-1900

0371 Oulun tuomiokirkkoseurakunta - Uleåborgs domkyrkoförsamling
ADDITION: married 1687-1708,1755-1792(tilit)

0375 Oulunsalo
ADDITION: buried 1722-1850

0425 Pyhäjärvi
ADDITION: buried 1719-1759,1779-1800

0455 Ristiina - Kristina
ADDITION: moved (in) 1789-1815, moved (out) 1789-1814

0502 Somero
ADDITION: buried 1695-1850

Updated parishes can be selected for search from following address:

http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+0065,0085,0165,0197,0284,0320,0338,0371,0 375,0425,0455,0502

Genealogical Society of Finland
Riitta Roitto
HisKi project manager

30-12-08, 02:17

First, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for informing us of these updates, I know that it is quite helpful to me.

I do have a question though.

When you provide that link like you did above in your posting, is that the ONLY way to get to the new information, or does my usual Hiski database link also give me the new parish information?

Kiitoksia oikein paljon.

30-12-08, 19:17
The HisKi database is by far one of the best genealogical databases ever! Thanks for the update! I am excited because you updated the Helsinki German district, giving me the death records of some of my great great uncles and aunts. Thanks!

And Kivinen, I dont want to answer for Riitta Roitto, but if you goto the database frontpage (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en), select one of the parishes with new information, the new additions are included there. You dont have to just use the page link she provided.

Anyway, thanks!

Riitta Roitto
30-12-08, 23:15
yes, of course the updates are found when searching the whole database, the link just provides a shortcut to updated/new parishes.

And thank you for your thanks on behalf of all volontary who do the actual work, transcribing handwritten records to the database.

Genealogical Society of Finland
Riitta Roitto
HisKi project manager