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31-12-08, 02:03
My paternal grandfather was Robert Victor Ranta, he was from a place that sounds like { kee-koy-nen}. I am told it is in central Finland. He was born in 1881. He came to the US I think in the late 1880"s or early 1900"s. I am also told he had a lot of siblings. Also the name in Finland was Nevaranta but changed to Ranta. Any insight to this inquire would be greatly appreciated. He married Karolina Leppaniemi. I don't know when and am not sure of the spelling.
Thank you,

31-12-08, 10:08
I think this is your grandfather:

I Rupert Viktor Viktorinpoika Nevanranta, b. 7.8.1880 Kiikoinen. Parents from table 2 Viktor Iisakinpoika Nevanranta and Henriikka Justiina Juhantytär Nevanranta.

TABLE 2 (from table 3)
II Viktor Iisakinpoika Nevanranta, b. 1.10.1850 Kiikka. Parents from table 3 Isak Antinpoika Järvelin and Maria Matintytär Nevanranta.
Spouse: Henriikka Justiina Juhantytär Nevanranta, From table 1, b. 9.1.1850 Kiikka.
Robert, b. 14.3.1874 Kiikoinen, d. 21.9.1879 Kiikoinen
Nestor, b. 6.2.1876 Kiikoinen, d. 27.9.1879 Kiikoinen
Esaias, b. 6.7.1878 Kiikoinen, d. 4.10.1879 Kiikoinen
Rupert Viktor, b. 7.8.1880. To table 1.
Maria Fredrika, b. 13.6.1883 Kiikoinen
Mooses, b. 4.9.1885 Kiikoinen, d. 4.9.1885 Kiikoinen
Matti Nestor, b. 27.1.1888 Kiikoinen, d. 27.4.1891 Kiikoinen
Kaarle Paavali, b. 5.5.1889 Kiikoinen
Pietari, b. 10.3.1892 Kiikoinen

III Isak Antinpoika Järvelin, b. 31.11.1825 Kiikka, d. 6.9.1877 Kiikoinen.
Spouse: Maria Matintytär Nevanranta, From table 2, b. 24.2.1822 Kiikka, d. 27.2.1892 Kiikoinen.
The family first lived in Järvelin tenant farm, Kiikoinen but moved to Nevanranta tenant farm 1868.
Viktor, b. 1.10.1850. To table 2.
Emma, b. 4.4.1852 Kiikka, d. 1852 Kiikoinen
Hilma Stiina, b. 6.9.1853 Kiikoinen
Nestor, b. 12.10.1855 Kiikoinen
Emma Maria, b. 14.11.1858 Kiikoinen
Mikko, b. 29.9.1861 Kiikoinen, d. 7.10.1862 Kiikoinen
Amanda Karoliina, b. 24.4.1863 Kiikoinen

The parish is Kiikoinen, a very small country parish in Western Finland. The family seems to originally come from Kiikka but I have not looked at Kiikka church books. This information comes from Kiikoinen church books which are available online in www.sukuhistoria.fi . The books after 1885 are only available for members.

I also found Robert´s emigration. He emigrated 12.6.1907 on Arcturus from Hanko and planned to continue 19.6.1907 on Republic, White Star Line to Hibbing MN. His age was 26 years. Passport record is not available online for this period and this area.

I´m trying to attach an image of the newest church book available in a separate post.



31-12-08, 12:21
This is the image from church book 1885-95

31-12-08, 17:05
Yes these are my relatives! I have been trying to find this information forever! I thank you immensely!
Bonita Anderson:)

31-12-08, 17:17
Glad to have been able to help. They were easy to find because you had the exact pronounciation of his home parish and the books were online.
Happy New Year!

31-12-08, 20:57
You are very welcome. After reading the information, I noticed that 3 of the children died in the same year within a month. The year was 1879. I am wondering if there was a great sickness in that year or some other tragedy? Is there any way to find that out?

01-01-09, 09:56
Hi Bonita
A happy new year 2009
According to the deathrecord all 3 children died of whooping cough.

I noticed that your ancestor emigrated to Hibbing,is that where you live? Im just curious because we where in Hibbing last year,i have relatives living on the south side of Swanlake in Pengilly.

01-01-09, 16:36
Happy New Year!
Hi Christer,
I don't live in Hibbing but I'm not far from there. I have a daughter in Chisholm and an aunt in a nursing home in Hibbing and a cousin in Meadowlands. All of the Ranta clan.
I actually live in the community of Prairie Lake, it is midway between Floodwood and Cromwell. So I am about 35 miles from Hibbing. Do you visit family in Hibbing?
It is a small world!! Do you plan to come here again?
Thank you for the info on whooping cough.

01-01-09, 17:33
Its indeed a small world,we did drive thru Prairie Lake in 2007 because we drove from Floodwood on road 73 down to Moose Lake on our way to Minneapolis.We will stop at your place next time we visit my relative in Pengilly.Pengilly must be just around 25 miles from Prairie Lake.We also have a lot of relatives and friends in Minneapolis area and upper Michigan so im sure we will be back some day.Actually we will probably be in US this summer but this time we plan to visit my relatives in Oregon and Washington.


01-01-09, 18:35
That would be fun to meet you. If you drove by Prairie Lake on #73 if you looked straight across the lake from the highway you know where I live. I can see the traffic on #73 from my house. You will have to let me know if you plan to visit Minnesota again..I hope you speak English because I do not speak Finn.
Thanks again for your help!
I am going to post again because I am trying to trace my deceased husbands roots, so I will have to start a new thread or two.

02-01-09, 15:33
This is a small world. I have a brother who lives on Hwy 73 in Prairie lake, my family originates from Cedar Valley, I grew up in Chisholm, and have relatives in Floodwood-Meadowlands area. I currently live in Burnsville. The name Bonita does not sound familiar to me. My maiden was Hill.

02-01-09, 17:19
Hi Kathy,
My maiden name was Ranta. I married an Anderson. I have been living on Prairie Lake since 1967. Your relative probably lives right across the lake from me. Is his name Roger?

02-01-09, 18:01
Yes, Roger is my brother. I went to school with someone by the last name of Ranta in Chisholm. Do you have Ranta relatives in chisholm?

June Pelo
02-01-09, 20:23
I have been writing to a Beatrice Ranta who lives in Chisholm. I don't know her husband's name - he's deceased. But a few years ago she was researching her husband's Ranta family.

02-01-09, 23:52
Hi Kathy and June,
I don't know if the Ranta's in Chisolm are the same Ranta clan as mine unless they are from my grandfather's siblings. My grandfather was Robert {Rupert} Viktor Ranta. I have been trying to find out if some of his family came to this country. Robert had 3 children, Helmi, Reino and my father Donald. If I find any more info I will let you know. Helmi is my aunt and she is in a nursing home in Chisolm.